Volkswagen ID.4

The new Volkswagen all-electric ID.4 crossover SUV is set for arrival in the United States.

Electric cars have brought in a revolution of sorts in the current day world that has been fighting climate change like never before. With fossil fuels on the wane, battery-driven cars are turning out to be a fad for their sheer ability to keep away from the rising costs of gas.

Among the many manufacturers, Volkswagen has already thrown in their might with an array electric vehicles that are proving to be much adored by consumers. The latest EV from Volkswagen is its all-electric ID.4 crossover SUV, which is set for debut in the United States.

It has been revealed that the new Volkswagen all-electric ID.4 crossover Sports Utility Vehicle will scale production 4 at its Chattanooga, Tennessee plant to 7,000 vehicles per month by the end of 2022. The numbers are expected to go up in the follow up months through year 2023.

The grapevine tells us that Volkswagen will bring smiles to customers’ faces with lining up deliveries of the all-electric ID.4 crossover SUV in October. The electric car maker will begin bringing in both rear- and all-wheel-drive variants of the 82 kWh model by October.

Volkswagen ID.4

3rd most affordable EV in the US

Besides, the Chattanooga facility will start manufacturing the more affordable 62kWh variant as well later on. As of now, Volkswagen has delivered more than 190,000 ID.4 units globally since the launch of the crossover last year.

Significantly, the Volkswagen ID.4 will also have the credit of being the third most affordable electric vehicle available in the United States.

The German carmaker’s big plans for the US marketplace is important by any count. And so, the company will look to position itself as more competitive with a recent price cut for the American mark. It is expected that the EV will come for a starting price of $37,495, as against the earlier talked about $39,995. Adding to this will be the federal tax cuts which will cut down the price tag to just something under $30,000 vehicle for the base model.

 Volkswagen has positioned the ID.4 in a competitive market of electric SUVs, where it would vie with Tesla’s Model Y, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the Chevy Bolt EUV, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kona EV, the Kia EV6 and Niro EV, and eventually the Rivian R1S.

Volkswagen ID.4: Specifications

The Volkswagen ID.4 all electric crossover SUV upgrade arrives sporting a refreshing change in design and hues. It is expected that the base model will have around 200 miles of range instead of 260 miles on its previous base model.

The charging department has lined up a Plug & Charge functionality as standard for Volkswagen ID.4, and that means that drivers will be able to effectively make use of their three years of included 30-minute DC fast charging sessions at Electrify America stations, says web reports. Going by the listings in the Volkswagen website, the base model now lists 170kW DC fast charging as optional.

Volkswagen ID.4

The ID.4 will need to be seen as a powerful machine, with the base model sporting 201 horsepower channelled to the rear wheels. It also needs to be seen that the EV will come with the same power as of the Kona EV, the Niro EV, and the Bolt EUV. However, in pricing terms, the ID.4 looks more competitive.

The base model, also sports a dual-zone climate control, 12-inch central touchscreen, interior lighting adjustable to dozens of colors, and heated seats.  Are you ready for the ID.4? The EV sure has something good to make you smile, indeed.

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