Utopia No.8

The release of Utopia No.8 has been announced along with its gameplay video.

Utopia No.8, a trendy social MMORPG, is soon arriving on Steam, Android and iOS. Developed using Unreal Engine, the game aims to provide a cinematic sensory experience from the start. The game comes from the stables of Taiwanese development studio Happy Tomato Entertainment Corporation. The release of Utopia No.8 has been announced along with its gameplay video.

Set in a distant future where humans explore the universe for resources, Utopia No.8 will let young adventurers embark on an adventure to build a comfortable and healing dream home while making friends from all over the world. Happy Tomato invites everyone to join in and start a happy life on this new planet.

One of the game’s highlights is its free character customization which allows players to create a unique and cute character. The detailed character creation process contains the option of adjusting their hairstyles, hair color, face shape, skin tone, eyebrow color, lip color, height, and weight according to their preferences and style.

Utopia No.8 also features audio, video chats

Users will also be able to choose their race and age, and if they match certain requirements, they can unlock special behavior animations. Players can design and create their own accessories and clothing, with thousands of appearance combinations available and dye kits to create endless possibilities.

Utopia No.8 also features audio and video chats, as well as thematic rooms for interactive chat. Players can connect with others all over the world via audio and video chat, sing karaoke, share fashion tips, play board games or engage in various challenges in different game rooms. For those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, they can simply listen to music and stay chill in the bar.

The game developer has revealed that farm and animal husbandry operations, as well as horticulture, are all available in Utopia No. 8. Players can develop and decorate their farms, and experience the changing pastoral seasons. They can raise cute animals to produce wool or dairy products, cultivate all kinds of crops, and process them into raw materials.

Utopia No.8

Users should remember to clean the barn and water the plants while remaining alert to the horrifying locust invasions. In addition to their own farms, players can also visit special farm areas in the field to collect exclusive fruits and vegetables. Players are encouraged to have fun with the kitchen system. If they complete the star-ranked cuisine or unlock secret baking recipe, special rewards pop up!

During their leisure time, they can invite friends to go fishing by the lake, logging in the mountains and mining in the wild. They can completely immerse themselves in the relaxed and idyllic atmosphere.

Players can also raise and take care of their cute pet PIYA, their intimate pal and adorable helper. There are six races of PIYA, representing six elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, Aqua, Light, and Darkness. PIYA’s body parts of horns, ears, eyes, mouth, wings, and tail can be freely combined into a one-of-the-kind. By cleaning, feeding, and playing with PIYA, players can increase their affinity and thus unlock world exploration missions. PIYA can collect and produce the essential Elemental Energy for players. PIYA arena and friendly matches with others are under planning and development.

Users have the ability to design their own clothes and furniture using 32 x 32 pixel art or graphic table tools. Not only can these creations be applied in-game immediately, but they can also be sold in the player’s own brand store.

Possibilities endless, players can choose as they please

By applying the scripts found in exploration and adventure, as well as the resources and elements collected in farm and by PIYA, the creative possibilities are limitless. Certain special items even grant a chance to receive a bonus effect when crafted. Players can also select a piece of land and build their dream home. There is a space at the door to park their spacecraft or hover board. The dazzling array of details-filled furniture is not just a decoration but has practical functions.

Players can enjoy a cozy afternoon tea party in the courtyard on a warm afternoon! With regards to building in the virtual world, there are multiple options available. Apart from building their personal home, they can also explore other possibilities. They have the choice to run a shop, create an amusement park to become the entertainment overlord or establish a large villa area or resort to create their own ideal kingdom. The possibilities are endless and the players can choose as they please.

The game producer states that the team is eagerly anticipating the release of Utopia No.8 after nearly two years of development. Moving forward, they will be sharing more information and content, while also inviting players to participate in the official game communities. The team anticipates and appreciates players’ sincere and brutally-honest feedbacks. Utopia No.8 is planned to be a joint effort that fulfills dreams and sparks creativity.

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