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Portable Chargers you need to keep handy while on the go!

Our busy routine these days also means nearly half our productive time is spent on mobile phones.  And that also means that battery life plays a key role. Android-powered phones have a better battery life, but that alone won’t suffice. 

So, in order to keep our phones alive, we need more than a battery case. Power banks and portable chargers come into play in this scenario.  Storage also becomes easy for these equipment. Here, we have chosen both options – wired and wireless. And this is what we have figured out for you:

power bank InfinityLab InstaGo 5000

InfinityLab InstaGo 5000

This is a fine power bank which has an inbuilt USB-C cable. Samsung-owned Harman Kardon’s new accessories subsidiary Infinity Lab’s InstantGo 5000 comes with an USB-C type cable. That makes charging an easy affair. It has the larger option also (10,000-mAh) but the InstantGo 5000 costs $50 less. This is also light in weight. For Android phones, this is probably the best bet. InstantGo 5000 has black and white



The best dual phone and Andriod charger option is myChargeHub4400. It also has different sizes, apart from a foldable wall-plug. The lightning and USB-C cables are integrated so you can charge Apple devices as well. It is considered bulky and has a 4,400-mAh battery. The higher variant  – 6,700-mAh model – would burn another $20 from your kitty.

Anker 523

Anker 523 PowerCore Slim 10K PD

Anker has a sleek battery with high capacity and would perform fast-charging smoothly.  Considering it has a 10,000-mAh phone charger (portable) it is too slim.  It has a fast 20 watt out charging port and a 12 watt out port (USB-A). It also has a USB-C input to charge itself. Though its sibling, the Anker 313 PowerCore Slim 10K is an option if you would like to go for a cheaper version,  Anker 523’s USB-C can do charging much faster and hence should be preferred. We are assuming you own a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Mophie power station

Mophie Power Station Mini (2022)

Are you looking for a compact power bank that can do fast-charging efficiently? If so, the Mophie Power Station Mini, the compact battery pack (external) is the option for your Andriod phone.or even iPhone. It can work wonders with its 5,000-mAh battery. Its  USB-C PD fast charging port is 20 watts. If you can afford another 20 dollars more, it has a 10,000 mAh variant also – with dual ports. Mophie has black and blue versions. Zagg, the company that owns Mophie, also promoting it with a 20 per cent discount on the first purchase. This means you get it at $50.

Power bank Anker 733

Anker 733 power bank

Anker 733 combines the utility of a power bank and a 65 megawatt charger. Deploying what is called gallium nitride technology, Anker’s GaN Prime series chargers—like many other options—have become sleeker but more powerful. Anker 733 has a 10,000 mAh battery (portable). Despite its fast-charging USB-C ports (two) and a USB-A port, it is thin. Moreover, get ready to charge three devices simultaneously. The catch is if you want to get a 65-watt charge for your lap, you can charge only that one. 

Anker powercore fusion

Anker powercore fusion portable charger

This is value for money. The Anker powercore is perhaps a  good wall charger with built-in battery facility of 5,000-mAh. It may look a bit heavy, but we should factor in Anker’s two standard USB charging ports, which means you can pump up your phone and another gadget of your choice. An LED indicator also offers you the level of charge by just pressing a button.

Anker 622 maggo

Anker 622 maggo magnetic battery

Anker’s 622 has a cool wireless battery with a magnetic flap, that can morph into a stand. For such a sleek approach, you may have to compromise on fast charging. Anker’s 5000 mAh battery can charge a maximum of 7.5 watts, but rope in a USB-C to USB-C  and charge any Android device, and you can charge up to 12 watts.


Otterbox folding wireless power bank

Do you watch movies on phones or dabble with games? Then the Otterbox Folding Wireless Power Bank is your convenience option. Otterbox has an inbuilt stand that can be folded when you move. Otterbox, with its  USB-C and A options, can charge your phone up to 18 watts. For wireless charging, you may have to put up with  7.5 watts (iPhone) and 10 watts for Android devices.

Portable Chargers Short-list

These battery packs are mostly shortlisted from your favourite brands.  But depending on your needs, you should always consider the milliamp hours (mAh) and the weight.

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