OnePlus 10T gears up for arrival; All you need to know about the new smartphone

OnePlus 10T to come with a charming display, and some great specs

OnePlus seems to have realised this is the best time to bring to the market its latest iteration of its ever expanding range of smartphones. And thus, we would be fortunate enough to witness the OnePlus 10T to break ground as early as next week, on August 3.

There have been much written and talked of on the OnePlus 10T already. The latest on that front is that the 10T is all geared up for release. What interests us are the astounding specs it could carry with it. As days go by, the rumour mill is abuzz with more info pouring into web space.

All that have come out hold potential to make the OnePlus 10T a hit.  OnePlus has already made the world know that the device will carry a triple camera bunch on the rear.

While it has been made public that the primary snapper would be a 50 megapixel Sony IMX766 sensor, we need to see it as the one similar to what the smartphone arena has already attached to many of the rigs. Yes, the camera seems to be akin to what the world has witnessed in a slew of mid-range and premium segment devices.

OnePlus 10T gears up for arrival; All you need to know about the new smartphone
<em>OnePlus 10Ts display is something to look forward to<em>

OnePlus 10T cameras, display and processor

We need to believe that the snapper, that will support capture in 10-bit colour, will sport a large 1/1.56 inch sensor and could come combined with Optical (OIS) and Electronic (EIS) Image Stabilization properties.

Meanwhile, the 10T is to have a secondary snapper of 50 megapixels needs to be seen as an ultra-wide camera with a 119.9-degree field of view. A macro lens could also be thrown in by OnePlus. On the front, a  16-megapixel camera unit finds its place, and could come as an ideal selfie capturer.

When OnePlus 10T arrives in our midst next week, one aspect it would swear by is the display. A relatively large 6.7-inch display complete with an AMOLED panel and FullHD+ resolution is what customers need to keenly look at. Reports suggest that the display panel could come with support for 10-bit colour capture.

Powering the OnePlus 10T will be the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset. Significantly, the 10T will be among the first smart devices that will have the opportunity to carry this chipset.

Design talk galore as 10T sets out for arrival

One looking for the design intricacies have had to wait much before figuring out what the device would finally look like when it arrives.  

There were many renders too that showed up before OnePlus showed us what it would be like. When it was officially revealed, potential customers and smartphone enthusiasts got to see the sandstone finish of the back panel, which resembled the panel sported by the first OnePlus One device.

OnePlus 10T gears up for arrival; All you need to know about the new smartphone
<em>Bracing for landing in a few days<em>

What is termed as a gas-burner camera island design, akin to that was part of the OnePlus 10 Pro, is what the 10T design is explained as. Compared to what was witnessed in the OnePlus 10 Pro, the design element has given a slimmer outlook for the 10T’s camera modules.

The launch is just a few days off. But then, as enthusiasts, you are sure to look for the pricing factor, right? Leaks reveal that the OnePlus 10T could come with a Rs 49,999 tag in the Indian marketplace. We need to wait to know more on that though.

August 3 isn’t far away, after all. The phone you had been aiting to lay your hands on is just around teh bend. Stay tuned and head here so that the company will notify you the moment it arrives.

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