Sustainable fashion comes across as a consciously driven exercise to minimize the effect of production on the environment and at the same time make use of what the industry and society have to offer. Supporting this is blogger & influencer, Sonal Agrawal, who has recently launched her own line of sustainable clothing called House of PinkPepperCorn.

Sonal, a Post Graduate in Luxury Brand Management from Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing, Florence (Italy) had started her own blog where spoke not only about fashion, but infuses the different cultures and stories she comes across though her travel to the most popular places to offbeat remote locations.

Inspired by these journeys and being a supporter of environment friendly living, came the idea of launching her own line of sustainable clothing.

Sonal describes House of PinkPepperCorn as “a slow fashion label that started with the vision to create ethical, thoughtful and thought provoking pieces of clothing that stand out by making a statement, and are yet very inclusive and wearable by everyone. The first collection, ‘Unafraid’, champions the thought of body positivity. We have used ‘measuring tapes’ as one of our key design elements and it stands to encourage women to be unafraid, to wear their measurements out loud, with confidence.

“House of PinkPepperCorn, was born from the idea that I wanted to create clothing, accessories, and pieces that aren’t just items of fashion… they’re expressions. The House of PinkPepperCorn is an alternate to fast fashion which is the second largest pollutant across the globe. When we talk about ethical fashion, it fills all the pockets in order to preserve the environment. We believe in imparting fair wages to our workers. It’s all hand stitched so we do try to focus on the issue of reducing unemployment. Culturally, we tap on those topics which do make a difference in our viewers’ life. We encourage designs on body positivity, recycled fabrics or any social movement affecting the lives of the people. Our designs portray sensitive topics which aren’t spoken about,” Sonal says.

By Manoj

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