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Notion Press supports book publishing in other Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi too

Publishing platform Notion Press has announced its entry into Malayalam. This is great news for Malayalam language writers who aspire to publish their books and reach readers across the globe. Writers can get their books published and into the stores in just 3 steps through easy-to-use online tools. There is dedicated support through chat and email to help authors at any point during their publishing process.

The platform also supports books in other Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and Malayalam, which means Indian writers can now publish their stories in their language in both paperback and eBook format, which can be sold to readers in over 100+ countries.

Naveen Valsakumar, CEO of Notion Press said, “The demand for books in Indian languages has always been massive and will grow exponentially in the coming years as well. There is also a rich diversity in terms of the books that readers consume, be it Indian language poetry, fiction novels, self-help or even academic books. We are thrilled to enter a market with such potential, and we hope to share with the world stories that will represent a unique culture and provide an unmatched experience for readers.”

Naveen Valsakumar, CEO, Notion Press

Notion Press has published more than 40k books

Notion Press Publishing platform is – a first-of-its-kind do-it-yourself platform – that enables aspiring authors to publish high-quality books in just 30 minutes. It provides a suite of tools that covers the publishing process from start to finish while giving complete creative control to its writers. The best part of using the Notion Press publishing platform is – it is entirely free!

Started in 2012 with its headquarters in Chennai, Notion Press has authors from all over the world. The company has successfully published more than 40,000 books and sells them in over 150 countries. Naveen explains, “The aim of Notion Press is to make the process of publishing accessible to everyone with a story to tell and we hope to provide a wide array of opportunities that will allow fresh writers to emerge, tapping into a whole new set of readerships! Writing and reading will be accessible to anyone around India no matter where they are and what language they speak.”

In addition to presenting Indian language writers on the world stage, Notion Press has successfully created a platform for distinguished writers, researchers, poets, historians, journalists and other professional and fiction writers.

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