While Covid-19 vaccination continues to remain under development and containing the spread of the coronavirus has become the most critical aspect in today’s world, Ludhiana-based start-up SeguraMAX Global (SeguraMAX) has announced the launch of ‘KEEP-U-SAFE’, a pathbreaking, first-of-its-kind technology in the world, which will aid in achieving significant reduction of viruses on surfaces of their products.

Surface transmission is known to be one of the biggest reasons for the increase in coronavirus cases around the world. SeguraMAX believes this could become a potential gamechanger for India and the world, where coronavirus cases are rising at an alarming rate.

The Green Plant-Based technology has been tested by various international and accredited NABL labs with proven results to reduce >99% viruses from various surfaces of fabrics, garments & plastics in less than a minute. The technology has also proven to remain effective after multiple washes.

Segura MAX, a MakeinIndia Venture

SeguraMAX Global, an Indian Start-up founded under the #MakeinIndia initiative, has ascertained that its ‘Keep-U-Safe’ technology can become the first shield of hybrid protective wear to fight infectious diseases and prevent transmission from the infected to the uninfected, even while pharma companies continue their effort to develop and suitably deploy a vaccine in the coming months. SeguraMAX has developed a diverse range of Keep-U-Safe products treated with bio-organic additives that reduces the presence of viruses by up to 99% on surfaces.

Gaurav Khullar, Director Product Development, SeguraMAX said, “With the Keep-U-Safe technology, we can now perform our day-to-day activities with higher confidence. E-commerce companies can ensure increased safety of their delivery staff as well as their customers by use of Keep-U-Safe clothing line like jackets, gloves, masks and courier boxes & bags which can self-reduce virus from the surface.”

The products can be used by corporates, government employees, public dealing personnel like airport staff, policeman and most importantly health workers who frequently come in direct contact with infected individuals and surfaces. The product range includes cling wraps for suitcases and food & other purposes, breathable 3pc PPE suit, breathable coats for doctors, N-95 masks, bed linen, doctor seat covers, travel jackets, all-weather jackets, airline seat covers, face shields, table covers, gloves, uniforms, grocery shopping bags, wrapping papers, etc.

Anurag Khanna, Head of Marketing, SeguraMax added, “We have innovated a World First 32 pocket Traveller Jacket integrated with travel products such as airline or taxi seat covers, suitcase and suitcase handle covers, gloves as well as facemask all made with Keep-U-Safe Technology. All these products would help to reduce the pathogens on the surface of the protective wear and make the user feel safe and fully-protected. The products have been tested for up to 40 washes and have maintained its effectiveness. We aim to instate our vision for #aatamnirbhar by developing technologies dedicated to the development of our nation.”

SeguraMAX is presently in talks with Material Engineers and Product Managers of various organisations globally, who have shown keen interest entering into licensing arrangements to deploy this revolutionary technology. The SeguraMax team believes the introduction of Keep-U-Safe products will help in allaying a lot of fear amongst frequent travellers and more so the public at large who are potentially exposed to a lot of public spaces and high-risk touchpoints.

The company is in talks with several leading global firms in Europe and the USA especially E-Commerce, Travel product manufacturers, Garment retailers and Airline businesses.


The products have undergone extensive testing for virus and bacteria reduction, reusability, and effectiveness after multiple washes. It has also been tested for US FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 for Safety in Food Contact Packaging by SGS.

All the anti-viral testing has been performed at BTS Labs as per ISO 21702 & AATCC 100-2012. The company claims the above products to be protective wear only and not medical devices, does not provide any guarantee against infections and are certainly not a cure.

SeguraMAX aims to sell its products not just in India but the world as a whole, making the company truly #localforglobal. SeguraMAX Global is an Indian start-up based in Ludhiana. Founded on the principles of finding innovative solutions for fighting the cross contamination from clothing and various products.

With a marketing tie-up and product ideas from US-based JSM Global from California, Segura has developed a pathbreaking, first-of-its-kind in the world, plant-based technology, ‘Keep-U-Safe’, that helps in reducing the viruses from surfaces of clothing and various products by >99%. In its efforts to promote greater safety, the company has developed products suiting special applications that allow the user perform their functions safely and confidently.

Technology highlightsinclude plant based technology, 99% reduction of virus in 1 minute, instant and continuous deactivation of virus, same efficacy after 55 washes, Tested as per ISO 22196, ISO 21702, USFDA 21CFR 177.1520. The company has said that the testing has been performed at internationally recognised NABL labs. The company claims above products to be protective wear and not medical devices or guarantee any disease prevention, treatment or cure. These are personal protective equipment with advanced surface virus reduction technology.

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