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As users tend to use the Pixel Watch all through the day, the battery life being spoken about may not be sound cheerful

Fitbit gadgets have already made a name for their capability in tracking sleep as long as users are wearing them. What’s more, premium subscribers have been handed the ease of having personalised insights and suggestions on improving sleep. But now, an APK teardown has thrown up an element of doubt in the way the Fitbit app works in Google’s Pixel Watch.

The teardown by guys at 9to5Google has shown up something new causing a slew of suspicions on the estimated battery life proclaimed as a major feature. In case you were witness to the Google I/O earlier this year where the Pixel Watch was unwrapped, you would remember that the Alphabet company had assured prospective customers that the device will carry a full suite of Fitbit features.

And that had included sleep tracking, which is much spoken about when it comes to the Fitbit app. The teardown delves a bit deeper into what the feature might actually look like in terms of battery life.  Going by what 9to5Google found by way of the teardown, the update has a new in-app text that points to evening charge reminders for the Pixel Watch. Once the reminders are enabled, the Pixel Watch would suggest that the device needs to be charged at least 30 percent before the user hits the bed.

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APK teardown on Pixel Watch in-progress features

As per the info available, the APK teardown has its focus on in-progress features, and that also means that a guarantee that all these said features will actually roll out remains elusive.

Throwing in the option of a reminder is not to be believed fully, as Fitbit smartwatches co not come with such a feature. With users setting aside close to 30 percent of a day for sleep, it will have to be believed that the watch might come with something like a 24-hour battery life. But then, as users tend to deploy their watches all through the day, a 24-hour battery life isn’t something that evokes cheer.

For instance, your watch is down to 10 percent charge at sleep time, and you need to recharge it. But how many hours would you have to spend awake to get it charged so that you can sleep well assured that your watch is fully recharged?

Bedside charger? Oh no!

Doesn’t that mean a fast charging feature is a must? Also, wireless charging is a boon when it comes to charging while you sleep, as you would not have to have a bedside charger as you sleep.

Pixel Watch still has time before it actually arrives. And so, no one can be sure as to what all features it would come with.  However, we need to rest assured that the battery in the Pixel Watch might have 18-plus hours of life. We will have to wait to know more for a confirmation though.

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