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Good PC Game Controllers can effectively boost your fortunes in gaming, vis-a-vis a competitor with a not-so-good one.

The best gaming efforts should always offer the sort of comfort which you can get from your sofa. This is all the more true in the case of Personal Computer games.  For finding out the top gaming controllers, you need to consider many things including build quality and comfort level while using them for longer periods.

As there are many gamepads on offer, not all of those are visualised equally. A good controller can effectively boost your fortunes in gaming, vis-a-vis a competitor with a not-so-good one.

PC Game Controllers galore

You need to test all controllers for at least a week to find out which suits you most. Also, the tests on all controllers should be done at least a week at a stretch.

It needs to be noted that tests should be carried out on wireless as well as wired modes while also gauging the battery life in different scenarios. This is a must as we need to know how much gaming time will the battery offer.

Xbox Elite Controller 2

Assuming that you are hunting for the best game controller for your personal computer without worrying much about spending a bit more, then the Xbox Elite Controller 2 will definitely suit you.  The Xbox Elite Controller 2 is Microsoft’s second-generation official eSports gamepad. For starters, Elite Controller 2’s predecessor is the Xbox One Elite.

To get a host of features and as a value-for-money proposition, the Microsoft device should be the ultimate choice in the present scenario. Assuming your personal computer has an in-built wireless functionality, the device is a great wireless performer. 

In case in-built wireless functionality is missing, there is always the option to buy a wireless dongle. This will offer you an excellent wireless connection. So if the personal computer does not offer an in-built wireless connection, we don’t need second thoughts about going for the dongle option as it is considered better than the Bluetooth option. The Xbox’s rubber pads provide you with a solid grip so necessary for gaming. The build quality is also above par.

eSports players will have the luxury of programmable controls– the paddle inputs and trigger controls will let you freak out and pave the way for a clear advantage vis-a-vis less fortunate competitors as these will provide you with a fast pace. The battery life is one of the key features that will make you vouch for these devices. It provides a whopping 40 hours. 

The USB-C charging port’s easy usage also adds to its glow.  One major concern about the Xbox should be its price. This would mean the Xbox would not be a suitable option for children or more casual gamers.

DualSense Edge

Ignore the price tag, which is on the higher side.  And then if you also swap between the PS5 and a PC during your no-holds-barred gaming sessions, the DualSense Edge is your animal. It is definitely for the hardcore gamer, make no mistake. The DualSense Edge as a platform offers a host of customisation options.

And it may make you feel like it is the Sony’s version of the Xbox Elite.

The DualSense’s haptic feedback offers excellent vibration to sync with the action on screen. Its rear buttons can assist you with quick weapon swapping also. The analogue stick can be pulled out from the controller. It has a lengthy  USB-A to USB-C cable, providing easy assistance to charge while travelling.

The issue with the DualSense Edge is that if you don’t make use of all the features, it may not be worth the wallet.  As in, it is more suited to the hardcore player than the causal one.

Scuf Instinct Pro

Scuf Instinct Pro

The Scuf Instinct Pro is for you if you are a rough user, subjecting the device to severe punishment.  The Scuf Instinct Pro will deliver optimal performance even in that scenario and hence is considered one of the best personal computer game controllers on the shelf.  The Scuf Instinct Pro’s compatibility with the Xbox wireless standard makes it even more reliable. This means the option is better than even Bluetooth. The Scuf Instinct Pro will provide all functionalities needed for a professional.

It also offers back paddles which are programmable. The lockable triggers are an added attraction. If you are an adventurous gamer, the Scuf Instinct Pro’s face plate can be tweaked to suit your style.

The purple one option may feel gaudy, but it should suit the RGB lighting feature. It is an excellent pad to hold like the competitor Xbox. But the game changer is the build quality, which could be the reason why the device is a bit expensive vis-a-vis the Xbox Elite Controller 2.  It is also one of the toughest pads available in the market. This means gamers with rage on the higher side should consider this.

Attention to Detail

You have to exhibit a lot of attention to detail while dealing with or in this case selecting the game controllers. While going into specifics, the comfort level and build quality of various devices may also differ.

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