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These Indie games can also be downloaded free-of-cost by Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

There is a profusion of Indie games on Xbox Series X. Scouring through hundreds of titles would be a herculean task, so we have randomly selected five games for you. These are the games every Xbox gamer should dabble with. The games can be purchased from Microsoft Store app.

These games can also be downloaded free of cost by Xbox Game Pass subscribers. But when you avail Game Pass subscription, which comes at $10 per month, you need to know that Microsoft regularly adds as well as removes game titles from the library. This essentially means all titles won’t be available always.


This Indie game title has been nominated for Game Awards in the action-nominated action-adventure category. A mystery island forms the perfect setting for the Indie title. For exploring the island you will turn to a fox which wields a sword. Everything ancient is loaded in Tunic – woodland fortresses, ruins and stone chambers reeking of an eerie aura etc.

The locales are stuffed with a plethora of monsters. But that is not all, you will dabble with puzzles and explore secrets during your gaming journey. The game is rolled out to you through an in-built instruction manual. Users who find it difficult to manoeuvre through Tunic have the option to tweak the challenge according to your style of gaming.


Signalis indie game on xbox

From the ancient terrain, why don’t we opt for a spooky environment? The premise of Signalis is etched in the survival-horror category. We are taken to a different world somewhere in the future and astonishingly, human beings have colonised the solar systems. In the remote planet of Leng, gamers get to control Elster, which is written as Lster, in a godforsaken mining unit.

Now, it is only natural that your survival skills, which would anyway involve solving puzzles, would be put to the ultimate test. Silent Hill and Resident Evil games is the obvious inspiration for Signalis, but this game is not that scary.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps


From ancient to spooky and now to Metroidvania platformers. For the uninitiated, in Metroidvania, you will be exposed to huge, finely designed gaming levels. These are platforming challenges and hostile monsters are sure to waylay you.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps, like its prequel  Ori and the Blind Forest,  fall in this category. On your journey, Ori will open up new possibilities for you. The basic idea in Ori sequel is the protection of a magical forest from evil forces.

Weird West

Weird West

This isometric action-roll playing game takes you directly to the wild west. So you are in for an engaging bout with monsters and gunslingers in a terrain where horse-drawn carriages have to be commonplace. The Weird West is true to its name and offers the raw freedom that we have long associated with western movies.

The game also loads powerful skill sets that would come in handy during in-game scenarios. Like in the wild west stories we are attuned to, some small decisions can alter the course of your future trajectory in the Weird West.

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic

Now off to some adventure with Deep Rock Galactic. Along with your friends, you turn out to be a space dwarf. And you are all employed by none other than the Deep Rock mining company. The catch is that all the players need to work in tandem to survive in the remote planet of Hoxxus IV. Being a remote plant, Hoxxus IV would be naturally swarmed by aliens.

Now, as in mining, you can exploit precious minerals to upgrade your weaponry. This will assist you in life-threatening or dangerous missions, which, in turn, will enable you to be in the elite company of Deep Rock’s top miners.

Xbox Fans, Go for Them

These indie games provide all the right settings for the prolific gamer – space odyssey, aliens, dangerous terrains and much more. It also offers a host of challenges and a world of possibilities.

Go for them.

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