Hemal Thakkar, a known name in the bridal makeovers scenario,  speaks to BLive on the changes and trends in the fashion industry.

The advent of experts in bridal make up has brought forth a laudable change in the way young brides see fashion. How would you explain the need for such a change?

Indian bridal makeup and hair. Earlier brides were not bothered so much about the makeup. Use of foundation, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick were more than enough. Now-a-days bridal makeup is all about bringing out the bride’s beauty. Modern brides know everything. They are aware of the trend, they are globally connected and the fact is the brides are much progressed in fashion now. Brides are experimental in terms of hairstyle and makeup. Social influencers have a big impact on brides.

With more than a decade of experience behind you, how would you like to analyze the changing trends that have come about during the period?

Makeup as an art has evolved tremendously over the decade. Modern brides care more about their looks. Makeup techniques are changed and the brides know what look they want for their special day.

What are the changes and trends you foresee in the near future?

Brides want to be picture-perfect; they want to be filtered to be perfect. There are 5 different functions of the wedding where we can create different looks. But I believe less is more!  A fresh and flawless face should be perfect for the day.

Do you adhere to the common belief that girls need to look beautiful on her wedding day? Why so?

Yes, I believe that the girl needs to look beautiful on her wedding day. She starts her new life with her spouse. She shares this special day with her family & friends. The day is remembered for the rest of her life & the way the bride looks on the most important day is forever captured in pictures and videos.

Hemal Thakkar

As you are a prominent name in the bridal make up scene, could you tell us what most brides come to you for?

Dewy fresh look. Minimum and fresh make up. The bride should be confident.  Makeup should be simple classy and yet stylish.

Last year it was all about highlight, this year it’s all about blush and complexion which complement the perfect rosy or coral flash. It’s trending. I compliment the bridal look with her attire, body structure, event, and event décor.

Your association with fashion industry stalwarts like Manish Malhorta, Sabya Sachi and Rajendra Pratap Singh is well spoken about. Would you like to elaborate on these tie-ups?

I did the Lakme Fashion Week Model’s makeover with Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi collection. I did Ujawla Raut’s makeover for Rajendra Pratap Singh’s collection. She was the show stopper then.

Could you elaborate on your celebrity clients?

I did a make a makeover for Abhay Deol and Kalki Koechlin for the Viacom event. I did a makeover for Aditi Arya, Femina Miss India 2015. I did a makeover of Bhagyashri, Tara Sharma, Debina and  Gurmit for designer Nivedita Saboo. I did a makeover of Anushka Ranjan as well.

You are a sought after name in the film industry at the moment. How would you like to see it?

I would be delighted, but I am not looking to be a part of the film industry as a whole. I would love to work for celebrity ad campaigns or tour campaigns.

Are Indian weddings turning out to be bigger in terms of fashion and style? How would you like to look at the way the wedding scenario in the country has been changing over the past few years?

YES, Indian weddings are turning out to be bigger in terms of fashion and style. In earlier days, the bride wasn’t much concerned regarding her makeover. She would visit a salon and get a basic makeover done for her wedding. There were only one to two functions for the wedding. But in recent times, the trends are changing. The bride is concerned about the way she looks and her outfit. The weddings are much fancier compared to previous times and include 4-5 functions and often happen at exciting destinations. The bride demands a designer dress for every event and prefers a professional makeup artist to beautify her look.

Where would you see yourself in the ever-evolving fashion industry five years down the line? What is your future plans?

I want to be a renowned name in the fashion industry and for bridal makeovers too. I desire to be a part of the Milan Fashion Week along with my team.

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