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Let’s tell you about 10 Alexa-integrated smart speakers.

With Amazon’s Alexa, you can control many smart devices. Automating and activating many tasks hands-free is its advantage. There are many Bluetooth speakers which ‘claim’ to sync with Alexa. But it is better to go for a smart speaker which is integrated with Alexa and needs Wi-Fi to connect to your home network. This is a list of ten such speakers.

Amazon Echo Dot (Gen 5)

Amazon Echo Dot Gen 5

The Echo Dot is a great upgrade from its predecessor. The first thing you will notice is the speaker drivers. These would enable you to provide a wider range and offer good audio clarity. With the Eero Wi-Fi extender, it provides smooth connectivity with the Alexa unit.

For tap controls, you are provided with a fresh accelerometer so that you can pause, playback or even snooze irritating alarms.

Echo Dot 5th gen is also a low-cost affair as its earlier 4th gen version. So it is value for money, honey.

Gen 2 Sonos One

Gen 2 Sonos One

This is a great quality voice-controlled smart speaker, which offers the best audio among speakers synced with voice assistants. No surprises here as Sonos is known for voice quality.

Sonos also makes all efforts to sync its premium design with hardware functionalities seamlessly. This can be used individually or with added units. Sonos One also comes with Google Assistant’s functions.

Bose Home Speaker 500

Bose Home Speaker

Bose’s aptly christened Home Speaker 500 offers better audio quality than any other speaker of this size. Moreover, this costs less than a thousand dollars.

Home Speaker 500 is designed to cater to smooth base as well as highs, through a seamless middle range, which is not at all boomy. Its voice commands provide all of Alexa’s functionalities, due to its microphone that can easily cancel noises generated in the far field.

For those devices which aren’t Alexa-driven, you can also use the services of Google Assistant. This is not a budget device, but its world-class audio means it is worth the money.

Amazon Echo Studio

Amazon Echo Studio

The Amazon’s Echo series is designed for a superior audio experience. But Echo Studio is a stand-out performer among these offerings. The main reason for its exceptional performance is that it boasts five drivers and not one speaker.

This includes a subwoofer. The additional layer of spatial audio processor ensures refined sound quality, regardless of the room size. It has a Charcoal as well as Glacier colour option.

Denon Home 350

Denon Home 350 Alexa

Denon’s Home 350 smart speaker is high-end equipment that justifies its price range. Its full-range drivers offer good bass of twin six-and-a-half inch subwoofers. This means you can enjoy the audio in a wide spectrum.

It’s hardware backs excellent audio formats that include FLAC as well as Digital Stream. Home 350 can be louder than all peers. It would cost you $700 and that can’t be labelled cheap for a smart speaker.

Sonos Move

Sonos Move

The Sonos Move is not just compatible with the Alexa, but offers you an entire range of functionalities associated with it.

It also gives you efficient WI-FI connectivity and can function for half a day in between charging. Move‘s low-end response is excellent, but it lacks a 360-degree driver. It can ward off the threat of dust but don’t just throw it in water. It is a costlier, but classy option.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Bose Portable alexa powered

Small is beautiful. Bose Portable Smart Speaker is small but is also a powerful device, something which you would hardly expect from a portable unit. Not surprising, considering Bose’s towering reputation for audio finesse.

The driver which faces downward, in-built sound deflector and three bass radiators mean consistency is provided from all directions. The mic on the top is designed to be on par with Amazon ones.

Audio Pro Addon C5A Smart Speaker

Audio Pro Addon C5A Smart Speaker

Pro Addon may not be the best bet in high-quality consumer audio devices that you may stumble upon, but it has quality. As in quality that matches top-level entries in this category. At the same time, Pro Addon would only cost half as much as premium stuff in the same product category.

It backs Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and also offers apps like Spotify. Since it is comparatively cheap, you can plan to buy more than a piece and enjoy the quadrophonic stereo version.

Yamaha ATS-2090

Yamaha ATS-2090

Yamaha’s 2090 is not just for music buffs; it offers more than TV and movie tracks with precision. Yamaha’s 36-inch unit is a dirt cheap option for its quality.

ATS 2090‘s lightweight bar can be installed with ease, while the subwoofer is compact stuff. ATS-2090 is value for money.

3rd Gen Amazon Echo Show 10

3rd Gen Amazon Echo Show 10

All units of Amazon’s Echo Show series have in-built speakers, but the 3rd Gen Amazon Echo Show 10 is a class apart. The rotating base offers a good follow effect.

Even if you are working in the kitchen, you won’t have to run out of patience deciphering different noises, though you may have to pare down your expectations of audio quality. The Echo Show 10 is much more of a utility stuff than an entertainment device.

Pick the best Alexa-powered speaker

The assortment of devices is something you need to pick and choose considering your requirements. There is something for everyone, depending on personal choices on sound quality, functionality and premium experience.

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