Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube, the fastest streaming player from the company, comes powered by a hexacore chip

There are a lot of streaming devices available in the market in different price ranges and with varying features and services. New products hitting the market every year, makes prices competitive. These devices allow you to stream videos, music, movies, and sports etc on your smart TV or home theatre through a streaming service provider or app.

They allow you experience live streaming as well as on-demand services. Amazon Fire TV range is one of the most popular brands among streaming devices like streaming sticks, cubes, and smart TVs. Though different brands are functionally similar, they differ in terms of shape, size, storage size, and capabilities.

Fire TV Cube has got a facelift in 2022, the device is now the fastest streaming player from Amazon. Powered by a hexacore chip which is two times faster than the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. The CPU is rated higher than Nvidia’s Shield TV devices and any other Android-based streamer. Its fabric-wrapped enclosure is like that of the company’s Echo speakers.

Fire TV Cube

Fire TV Cube Comes as a Superb Streaming Device

The Alexa LED strip in blue runs along the top edge glows when Alexa is listening and the light will be on the side from where it detects your voice. Far-field microphones can capture Alexa voice commands from across the room, and it has a built-in speaker to respond to basic queries even if the TV is off. Amazon’s system controls the TV entirely by voice. Alexa launches movies and shows directly in popular apps such as Netflix and HBO Max, and live streaming services support tuning to live channels with voice commands.

The new device with 3.4 x 3.4 x 3.0 inches in dimensions is the same size as that of the 2019 model. The Roku Ultra 2020 and Apple TV 4K are wider and shorter. Covered by a matte black plastic panel, the top of the cube has four pinholes for the far-field microphone array and a set of four buttons including action, mic mute, and volume up and down.

On the back side, there are HDMI in and HDMI out plus new ethernet and USB-A ports replacing the micro-USB port. The new Fire TV Cube’s taller design remote comes with a multitasker button for viewing recent apps, and a system settings button. Content navigation is smooth with the remote, you have standard buttons for play/pause, fast forward, rewind, go home and go back by one screen.

There are volume and channel controls, along with the Live TV menu button. The standard remote does not have backlighting, programmable buttons, and the remote finder feature. By spending an $35 extra, you can have the Alexa Voice Remote Pro with the above-mentioned features. The Cube supports top audio systems like Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR10+, HLG on the video front.

Fire TV Cube

High-end streaming box competition

Among the high-end streaming box competition, the Apple TV 4K is a faster device that does a better regarding streaming options. It is a cheaper choice than the Fire TV Cube at $129, even though the model lacks an ethernet port.

The $100 Roku Ultra’s interface is simpler to understand and available with less ads than Amazon.  It comes with the brand’s Voice Remote Pro, which has hands-free controls, programmable buttons, and a remote finder function at no extra cost. That said, Amazon has demonstrated that it can make great streaming device through its third-generation. The third gen Amazon Fire TV Cube being the fastest streaming player from the company, offers much promise, and is something you need to pick up.

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