Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) has unveiled Premium Life Membership and Institutional Membership cards for individuals and institutions at affordable rates, offering seven nights of free stay in a year and substantial discounts on all its premium facilities, including hotels at  hill stations and beach resorts.

The scheme will be formally launched by state Finance Minister T M Thomas Isaac in the presence of Tourism Minister Kadakampally Surendran, here on November 1. The fee for Premium Life membership has been fixed at Rs. 10 lakh and for institutional membership Rs 15 lakh, both inclusive of taxes.

“This attractive scheme reflects our firm commitment to bring more visitors to Kerala and position the state as a major international destination for institutional conventions and meetings,” KTDC Chairman M Vijaya Kumar said.

KTDC Managing Director Rahul R said it is a novel product from a state-run agency. “The membership scheme is sure to elicit keen response from the country and abroad both from the individuals and institutions.”

The Premium Life Membership entitles its holder for seven nights’ complimentary stay for two adults and two children below 12 years on full board basis in all KTDC properties in a year, subject to availability. Any extra room required during the visit will be offered at 40% discount on room rent, food & beverages and Ayurvedic spa.

The member can also authorise any other guest to avail the complimentary stay for two adults and two kids below 12 years in case he or she does not utilize the offer in a year. In such cases, the member should intimate the KTDC in writing and rooms will be allotted, subject to availability.

An attractive feature of the Premium Life membership is that its holder can dine with 10 members at 40% discount on food & beverages and 20% discount on alcoholic beverages in all the outlets of the premium properties of KTDC at a time.

For groups of more than 10 persons, the Premium Life member will be eligible for 20% discount on food & beverages and alcoholic beverages.

The Premium Life member is entitled for 50% discount on room rent in all stays in KTDC properties, in addition to the seven-night complimentary stay. Any requirement of additional rooms as part of such stays will be offered at 40% discount on rent.

Apart from rooms, the life members are entitled to use the convention facilities of KTDC at 50% discount on the occasion of the marriage of their children. This facility can be extended to two children of the member.

Other benefits for the life member include 10% discount on convention centre rent for any other function and complimentary stay for their children for two nights within six months of their marriage at any prime property.

The premium life members can also use boardroom facility during their stays at KTDC properties. Free use of Internet and business centre facility, free use of gymnasium and pool and free halts for short durations (less than four hours) at the way-side amenities (Tamarind Easy Hotels  and Motels) across Kerala during his or her travel are among the features of the membership.

This membership has single transferability to the spouse at the time of the demise of the member. The spouse membership, however, will be cancelled if he or she gets re-married.

Institutional members can hold their membership, until the termination of the period which is fixed by KTDC, for a period of three years from the date of registering. The fee for Institutional Membership, which is non-transferable, is Rs.15 lakh.

The company or institution availing the membership is entitled to nominate two members, which will remain in force for one year subject to further fresh nominations or extension of the previous nomination by the institution.

The person recommended is entitled for privileges and facilities enjoyed by the Premium Life Membership holder, except the convention centre facilities at concessional rate, the complimentary stay for the children at KTDC properties and transferability of the membership to the spouse on demise.

The institution is entitled for rooms in the premium segment of KTDC properties at a discount of 35% on room rent, 20% on Food & Beverages and Ayurvedic spa facility. The discount structure in other KTDC properties will be 20% on room rent and 10% on food & beverages and Ayurvedic spa.

The institution is entitled to 10% discount on alcoholic beverages in all the units except in beer parlours. It is also eligible for a discount of 20% on food & beverages at the formal dining area up to a maximum of 15 persons while the discount will be 10% if the number exceeds 15 members. The company concerned should mail the requirement before the utilization of facilities. The institution is also entitled for 10% discount on convention centre rent.

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