The digital content space is a very strong medium to communicate thoughts through creative action, says Kiran Agarwal in a chat with BLive

Media person. Author. YouTuber. You seem to have made your mark in varied fields. What would you like to be known as?

Thank you for your gracious acknowledment, it feels nice and wonderful, but if you really ask me, all I want to be known as a “woman who made a difference in the minds of young children”. Being in multiple fields with such a diverse portfolio never hampered my creativity, rather being able to do so much in so many multiple fields is a blessing bestowed upon me from God and I feel that I am living multiple lives donning multiple hats

Your presence in the web space has been quite a success. Is there a reason that made you choose animation and the children’s domain?

Yes thank god for that. With more than 3 million organic views to our channel, I am thankful to god that now, by and large, parents and children are aware of our existence. They have now started to speak on WOKA and multiple platforms are curious of our product. Just being in this sphere for little less than 2 years I can say that Woka and its catalogues have made a decent difference in the minds of our youg children and all this could be possible because of web space. Today, digital content space is a very strong medium to communicate your thoughts through your creative action.

Animation was always in my mind as I wanted to give our children something worth seeing, learning and applying in their daily lives and what better than web space and a platform like YouTube. I want to reach out to every child there, be available pan-globe, and let them know that there is WOKA especially curated for them.

You have been busy with your YouTube channel WOKA (World of Kiran Agarwal). Could you elaborate on what are the factors that make WOKA unique?

WOKA, which stands for World of Kiran Agarwal, our digital channel, on YouTube produces animation content for young children, through our 3D animation videos, which cater to children sensibilities giving wholesome entertainment and yet subtly imparting our rich value system. It is my duty to give back to society. WOKA channel showcases the SABAK DEGI NAANI catalogue, that is pure fun time animation stories in movie format for children away from all learnings, yet again to learn- “values of rightful living”, that will help them reach and acclaim greater heights in life as achievers and visionaries in their own right. Music, songs, 2D / 3D colourful animations, lovable and relatable characters and yet an underlayer of imparting values is what WOKA tries to achieve . It’s a digital content that parents could rely upon, for their children to watch, without any iota of doubt and hesitation. Children can see our animation videos, make merry, sing and dance with the characters and enjoy themselves. WOKA is all and all about children and their happiness providing them entertainment with a clean environment and this is WOKA’s true USP .

Going through your profile, we get to know that you have written short stories on value systems for children. What makes you a children’s writer?

There are multiple writers in different genres who write some very beautiful form of literature, but ask writers who write for children and they will tell you that it is one of the most satisfying act they have done in their lives. When one writes for children, he / she has to think from their soul and not just through emotions. Now that I see so much happening so fast around me, I feel being a grandmother myself, we need to strengthen the wings of our children with strong values and morals, so that they can fly better and survive well in this high paced life and fast moving and evolving world. Today I feel very content and satisfied that I, in my own small way, am giving something to society and to my lovely children. Even if a small section of children evolve with what I have to offer to them I will feel that I accomplished what I had set to achieve.

Kiran Agarwal

From Sabak Degi Naani-Season 1, you are now back with Sabak Degi Naani-Season 2. What all have you imbibed from your viewers, who are mostly children, during the first season? What all new have you incorporated in Season 2?

The first season and the second season both are loved by children and till date I get equal feedback for both the seasons. At the end of the day, children want something nice to enjoy and if there are morals and values imbibed in their “fun learning” we have parents glued too. After all, which parent would not like their children to see something that can teach and yet not preach. Season 1 was on the format of Panchtantra tales, which had independent stories and no integration from one story to another. However, Season 2 is bigger and we changed our narrative pattern. Five characters, a jungle and their make believe world, where they fall and rise and learn something at the end of the episode makes our narrative pattern stand out.  Children will love the way we have incorporated songs, music, colour, action, morals and last but not the least our lovable and relatable characters.

With WOKA, what all do you intend to do in the future?

WOKA channel will take out multiple catalogues in the coming year or two. For starters, we will have 2 catalogues out from our WOKA stable, for sure, relating to children entertainment and that too in different genres. Both catalogues are in pre production stages. I do not want to reveal the surprise beyond this. As and now, we are nearing its release. Children and their parents will come to know what we are offering them through print / digital platforms.

WOKA channel aims to be a full-fledged, multi diverse channel showcasing multiple genres of work under its umbrella. Like Netflix and Amazon, WOKA in future will have variables which are already being prepared and will be showcased in the immediate coming 2-3 years. Simultaneously, we are looking at scripts for motion pictures purely in the animation content and have closed on international technicians for the same from now itself. I am sure WOKA will be seen everywhere wherever children are and their entertainment are concerned.

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