How much do we know about the LGBT community in India?

Times are changing and though we may be years behind, we as a nation are surely moving in the right direction. From words like gay, lesbian, bisexual and others being taboo, we have now reached a point where the same words are topics of open discussions amongst students, professionals, in institutions and work places.  It has not been easy and nor have we achieved all there is to in making this a truly inclusive country.

It is not only about their rights, but also the acceptance from the society. Many young kids face harassment and bullying, and most teachers are not trained or empowered to respond to anti-LGBT bullying. Same goes for the working environment.

To openly talk and discuss about these points, Madhurima Mazumdar, founder of Sunshine In You Initiatives, has curated a one day event on the 4th of January 2020 in Mumbai. Madhurima is a Healer, Therapist and an Emotional Coach working with individuals and groups to enhance their potential and believes inclusivity is very important and needs to be addressed. The event, Sunshine Festival, is brought to you by Capgemini India.

Sunshine Festival will focus on the LGBT community and “Breaking stereotypes and being accepted” across genres and with an objective to spread awareness, break stereotypes, enable and empower the community and help everyone understand about inclusion from different segments of our society. 

Capgemini already has several policies in place keeping in mind the LGBT+ community to ensure an inclusive, healthier and productive work place.

One can expect Panel discussions, musical performances, playback theatre, folk music, self-defense class, laughter yoga, stand-up comedy, exhibits, and a lot more ….

Professionals with a specific interest in work place inclusion from different fields such as education, legal, medical, art & music, corporate and entertainment will be under one roof sharing their views and hoping to encourage more people to come out and be accepted.

Supporting the cause are communities such as Harmless Hugs, The Qknit, The Humsafar Trust, LGBT Events India, Pride Circle and 6 Degreesgn.

By Manoj

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