Kochi:  Irked by the frequent call for hartals in the state, the Kerala Tourism Task Force, an initiative of Kerala Travel Mart (KTM), has said the tourism industry will vehemently protest against enforced hartals as they have already proved detrimental to the sector.

A joint meeting of 28 organisations in the tourism sector passed a six-point resolution to ensure that services of the tourism industry is not hit due to shut down. The forum also made clear that they will not participate in the nation-wide strike called for January 8 and 9, 2019.

Baby Mathew, President, KTM said: “Though we are not opposing a person’s right to disagree, we will refrain ourselves away from the enforced hartal. Tourism is the most affected industry during Nipah virus outbreak and floods, but we withstood it.”

The task force will also take steps to file cases for heavy compensation to those who announce hartals and creating troubles to the industry with clear evidence, photo, and recordings.

The 28 organizations have unanimously adopted the six-point resolution to tackle the menace of hartal, said Abraham George, former president KTM and Convenor, Kerala Tourism Task Force. “The Task Force will discuss the resolution with various organizations within the state to create awareness of the socio-economic stigma created by hartal.”

A resolution adopted by the meeting demanded the Government to provide police protection for the safety and security of tourists and tourism sector and uninterrupted functioning of institutions and services during hartals.

The forum also decided to approach the Government and other organizations, seeking to evolve a consensus to bring an end to the trend of enforcing hartals, obstructing free movement and freedom of functioning of service-providers and institutions. The industry will also move contempt petitions against those who make the call for hartal.

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