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Dr. Ambadi’s Calicut Centre for Surgery (CCS) located at Metromed Hospital has partnered with NIRAMAI Health Analytix, India’s foremost AI-based breast cancer screening company, to offer contactless, privacy-sensitive, breast cancer screening services to customers.

NIRAMAI’s innovative solution called ‘Thermalytix’, is an automated breast health screening and diagnostic tool, which combines thermal imaging with artificial intelligence. The solution is non-contact, radiation-free, accurate, automated, and works on women of all age groups. Given that it is portable and lower-cost than other methods, the solution makes cancer screening more accessible and affordable to all.

With this collaboration, women can also avail of home-screening services which will bring this novel non-touch breast cancer screening solution to the door-step of homes reducing the need to go to a hospital during the pandemic. Only female technicians will provide this service following all Covid safety precautions and women can avail of this service with a prior appointment.

The test will be conducted in complete privacy without any physical contact. NIRAMAI Thermalytix test is appropriate for women of 18 years and above. It is privacy-aware, non-invasive, radiation-free, and can detect the minutest of lumps or other abnormalities.

Dr. Geetha Manjunath, Founder & CEO, Niramai, added, “We are excited to partner with Dr. Ambadi’s Calicut Centre for Surgery to take our clinically proven Thermalytix screening service to many more women in India and help save lives. Today, the pandemic has impacted our lives in an unprecedented way. People are unable to go to hospitals for their regular health check-ups or other ailments. Niramai is providing multiple services to cater to this new requirement. We are also conducting many free programs to raise awareness amongst women about early detection of breast cancer and educating the masses on the importance of frequent checks.”

Dr. Abdurahman Ambadi, Chairman & Chief Laparoscopic Surgeon of CCS, said, “We are committed to offering the best surgical healthcare services to our customers. Collaborating with an innovative company like Niramai to offer early-stage breast screening will surely be beneficial to our patients.”

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