On a mission to “touch a million lives”, Clinivantage has kept its services absolutely affordable for healthcare consumers. In India Clinivantage charges as low as Re. 1 per day in order to avail its services, Dr Abhay Chopada, Co-founder of Clinivanatge, tells Sanjeev Ramachandran in an email interview.

An enterprise healthcare company delivering last mile healthcare to rural areas. Could you please explain that in detail for us?

We are associated with VSTF, a Government body in Maharashtra, that operates towards upliftment of the rural folks by targeting various aspects like education, women empowerment, child nutrition, health etc. The aim is to provide healthcare delivery to the rural population of the state – especially in the remote areas. This has been a great challenge for years due to non-availability of medical professionals to deliver care in such areas. Clinivantage took up the challenge of delivering best possible last mile healthcare to two villages in Raigad district of Barasgaon and Mohot.

Today people of these two villages are more than happy to have Clinivantage bring in digital OPD based on concept of telemedicine to their rescue. The POC of the Digi Health Project of delivering last mile healthcare in remote parts was highly successful in these two villages. The success was covered on the National TV. People who had to travel minimum 50 kms in very hard conditions to see a doctor are now able to get treatment from best consultants in the cities right in their villages. This is saving on their time, exertion and finances at the same time complete assurance of effective treatment at home.

The promising result has taken the project to the next level, where Clinivantage has been given the responsibility of delivering last mile healthcare in 40  more villages in the State. The work for these villages has been started and care delivery will be rolling out soon.

The whole idea works on a digital platform. How well does technology play its role in connecting healthcare professionals with the patients in semi urban and rural villages where technological process might be lacking?

Technology gets moulded as you mould it. We have moulded the technology to suit the Indian scenario. Clinivantage Platform works with utmost ease even in the remotest areas with simple 3G connectivity and minimal hardware. The Asha workers and a few fellow volunteers with minimum qualifications were trained for the use of the platform in matter of few days. All the Asha worker have to do is use our IoT device ( Clinivantage health monitor) that measures the patient’s ECG and transmit over a mobile phone, calculate the oxygen saturation, blood pressure, temperature without any medical training. With this info, it is possible for a doctor sitting anywhere in the world to make a diagnosis.

Dr Abhay Chopada

How does Clinivantage work for the end user? Please elaborate.

Clinivantage is an integrated digital platform that connects doctors, hospitals, caregivers and service providers with patients in real time and puts them in control of their health, bringing speed, simplicity, transparency and efficiency to patient care. Clinivantage offers various solutions for healthcare providers that are augmented with BI, Financial Accounting and scheduling, which makes use of the platform more meaningful for them. Similarly our MyLife app helps healthcare consumers search for doctors, their timings, schedules, take and reschedule appointments, maintain health records, access and upload them as also avail other facilities like creating their own care team, participating in forums etc. Clinivantage offers something to every element of the healthcare space.

You have said that healthcare becomes accessible and affordable while a patient opts for Clinivantage. How accessible and affordable are your services?

Clinivantage is on a mission to “touch a million lives”. With this aim, Clinivantage has kept its services absolutely affordable for healthcare consumers. In India Clinivantage charges are as low as Re.1 per day in order to avail Mylife services and complete access to health records and the healthcare network.

Could you please elaborate more on MyLife?

MyLife platform holds over 10 million records; enabling access to personal health record, prescriptions and mobile tele-medicine with their preferred doctors.

It has features like ‘Healthvault’ which contains all your health records, allows you to make appointment with the doctor, sends notifications to pop your pills etc. Doctors, who are a part of the platform, can share the prescription with e-chemist and the medicines will be delivered to your home. These features can bring about transparency in healthcare and curb malpractices because you can track the entire treatment.

The data and record of the patient will not be shared between countries without his authorisation. We have democratised care to the patient level. Data compliance is one of the key factors on which we have based our platform on. In Europe, we have GDBR — General Data Protection Regulation — compliance. In India, we have a new Act coming in. The entire architecture of the platform is such that the true owner of the data is the patient.

Do you work with the government or its agencies?

Apart from the VSTF DigiHealth Project where we associate with a Government body in Maharashtra, we are also doing a POC for Smart Clinic under the Smart City Tier II Project.

Healthcare, in the Indian context, involves various streams of medicine such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda also.  Does Clinivantage offer services on these terrains too?

Presently, our platform is so versatile that we can include any of the medical streams and faculties in the platform and provide services to them. We welcome experts from these fields of medicine to join hands with us and enhance the services to them further.

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