Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with an S8 chip, new temperature sensors, high-g accelerometer, and an improved gyroscope for crash detection

GPS-enabled sports watches can help you track your activities while you are on your outdoor activities like running, hiking or rock climbing. Location-tracking helps in recording outdoor workouts, dedicated sports and have features that can provide you much more data about what you’re doing. Apple’s latest innovation in this segment, company’s first design change in eight years, Apple Watch Ultra is for those who are passionate about an adventurous life. With more rugged design, better screen, accurate GPS and more, the new watch is a pure delight for Apple lovers.

Bigger and more ridged Digital Crown is easy to use with gloves on. The display is now big by two inches across and is remarkably brighter and legible, hence you can easily go through all the information displayed. The screen itself is an always-on touchscreen, which is rated for 36 hours of usage. the maximum brightness of the always-on display is 2,000 nits for better visibility in direct sunlight.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra: Accurate GPS, Dependable Heart Rate Monitor

Among the three dedicated buttons, the digital crown on the right side, is both a button and a rotating dial. It’s protected with a button guard, to avoid accidentally pressing it under jackets or long sleeves. It can be operated with gloves, even underwater. Another button below the digital crown is somewhat like an app switch.

The new Action button on the other side is programmable for specific actions. The first single press is to open a given app such as opening the Workout App in Running mode. The second press can then be configured within the app for pausing or starting a workout. The third one can be assigned to a long-press for triggering the siren.

Without the strap, teh Apple Watch Ultra weighs 61.3 grams, thanks to its titanium body. The Ultra comes in 49mm case size. The Ultra has an S8 chip, new temperature sensors, the new high-g accelerometer, and an improved gyroscope for crash detection as in the Series 8.

Additionally, it has a water temperature sensor for swimmers and divers. It’s got a three-microphone setup for better voice call quality and a second speaker for an emergency siren and it helps improve the overall volume.

Apple Watch Ultra

A Few Concerns Too that Cannot be Ignored

The GPS is more accurate and faster; the heart rate monitor seems to be dependable. The battery life is longer and thus can support more extreme runs. The diving sensor is currently limited to just plunging your wrist into water of various depths and seeing how deep you can go but we can expect more to come from more advanced diving apps in the coming months.

The cellular functionality on board, when in range of a cell tower, makes sure that you’re never going to be alone. The long list of health functions also is an advantage in favour of this watch.

But some concerns can’t just be ignored. There are indeed a few issues we wished Apple would have sought to address. Maybe the next iteration could see these glitches solved so that customers would be more than eager to own them without much thought. For example, the lack of onboard mapping navigation may bother you at times as there’s no way to track your route back using native maps support. You need to depend on the compass instead which isn’t always the reliable.

That said, the brand’s first attempt at a rugged smartwatch with improved hardware and the powerful watchOS 9, has resulted in a sporty Apple avatar priced at $799.

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