iPhone 14 and more iDevices gear up for Apple Far Out event: What to expect

Apple Far Out isn’t too far off, and a slew of devices from the new iPhone to a handful of other devices will be showcased

Apple’s ‘Far Out’ is locked and loaded. On September 7, the Cupertino-based tech behemoth will open its doors to a new era of iDevices. And, the world has begun its wait.  The Far Out date isn’t too far off, and so the curiosity to know what all devices, apart from the new iPhone iteration, would be showcased has grown manifold. That means Apple enthusiasts have much to look forward to as the Far Out event closes in.

So what are the rigs that one would want to expect? Apart from the much touted iPhone 14 and its variants, the company will lift the wraps on the Apple Watch Series 8 and much more. Let’s take a look at what the devices that are sure to be shown off on September 7.

iPhone 14 and more iDevices gear up for Apple Far Out event: What to expect

iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Pro

Of course, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are the devices that are keenly awaited. As has been the usual practice, every September has seen a new iPhone arrive (except during the pandemic year, due to obvious reasons). As the new iPhone model are set to break cover, there have been a slew of speculations on what the device would look like and what all it would carry within.

We have already heard rumours talking of the notch being given the miss. Further, the device is said to come with an always-on display. The standard iPhone 14 and its high-end variant iPhone 14 Pro would have much differences. Meanwhile, there have also been leaks that purportedly speaks of a purple hue poured over it.

Tenth Gen iPad

Yes, it is indeed time for the tenth iteration of the iPad. It needs to be admitted that we all had been in love with the iPad design when it came out first. Apple had made sure that the design that the entry level iPad had sported stayed even after various successors were pushed out of the assembly line at Cupertino. But not anymore, or that is what is what we hear. The 2022 edition could come with a few design changes, that is.

The grapevine has it that the 10th generation iPad could look somewhat akin to the iPad Air or iPad Pro and could come with flat edges, quad speakers and LED flash.

iPhone 14 and more iDevices gear up for Apple Far Out event: What to expect

AirPods Pro

The case with earlier Airpod Pro models has been that they longed for an update. When it came out a couple of years ago, just ahead of the pandemic year, it was a charmer. But Apple did not feel like giving it some extra attention. However, rumour mills have it that the upcoming AirPods Pro could be different with a slew of amazing features thrown in. Also, the device could give its ‘stem’ the miss this time around.

It is also being foreseen that the new Airpod Pro will be stronger on the security side, and the device would be able to identify its users by the shape of their ear or their gait. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Apple Watch Series 8

Another device that the September 7 event would bring unto the world is the new Apple Watch Series 8. The Apple Watch Series 8 is likely to sport the design of its predecessor. Meanwhile the Apple Watch Pro could come with a redesign. Besides, the new Watch Series 8 is expected to have features such as a temperature sensor, a low-power mode that offers extended battery life, and more. The Pro model could have a super-tough titanium garb, we hear.

Apple VR headset

We might also get the chance to see a new VR headset too coming our way when the Far Out event unfolds. We aren’t still sure about whether it would actually happen, but there is no harm in expecting the arrival of this device. Expected to sport the same size as that of the Quest 2, and having capabilities to track hand movements for features like the virtual keyboard, the upcoming VR headset from Apple could be surprise enthusiasts. Going by speculative info finding its place on the web, Apple might throw in some of its most advanced and powerful chips in the new headset.

So when the September 7 Far Out event unfurls, these are some of the devices we need to wait for. And, may be, Apple might have more surprises up its sleeve too. You will be able to watch the events unfold, here!

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