A real-life wonder woman. That’s what Dr. NaavNidhi Wadhwa is. A Celebrity Life, Health & Business Coach with a Ph.D. in Business Management and Administration, she has also been trained for NLP under Richard Bandler. A Spiritual Healer, Ambassador of Peace, Wellness and Meditation, Coach of Psychology, NaavNidhi was crowned Mrs. Asia Women of Universe in 2018. The founder of Paankh, an NGO that works among differently-abled children, talks to BLive.

From Mrs. Asia Woman of Universe to life-coach. How exciting has been your journey over the years?

My journey is precisely opposite of the way I am today. Being a Mrs. Asia from a life coach is not easy but, this journey has been an enlightening one for me both mentally and spiritually. I felt that I was judged on all aspects like mind and body. But, I resisted all kind of negative comments and day by day transformed myself as the better person than I was. When I began my journey as a life coach, I felt that I had one of the most significant drawbacks that I can’t communicate in English. As I came from a Hindi medium school and I was timid due to the lack of confidence. I would get jitters when someone came and talked to me in English. But, I worked on this issue and now can speak fluently in English.

So, this is how my journey looks. Yes, I have emerged from that stage to becoming Mrs. Asia only because I understood that one must accept and cherish the gifts received from this universe. There is no point of cribbing about what you did not get. Instead, we must act on our drawbacks and convert them into our strongest points. I believe that life is all about action. That action is the only way to get success, and hard work is the only way to get rid of the shortcomings in life, both physical and mental ones.

As a celebrity, has your work on the spiritual life coach terrain been easy for you? Please elaborate.

Being a celebrity and a spiritual person is a fantastic combination. I feel that sometimes when you become a known figure and achieve fame, you start losing the grip of your roots. Spirituality is one thing that always keeps you grounded. And, when you are well rooted then, you can connect with people very comfortably. Fame becomes a weaker force and should never cross the way with your original identity.

In my case, it has worked well, as I am still stuck to the ground. My humble nature helps me to gather an appreciation of my upbringing, my family and my friends. In the future, I will be working hard towards keeping my deep connection with all these people irrespective of where life takes me. I do not wish to be ‘uprooted’ from them at all.

I have many clients as celebrities who are rooted to the ground the way I am. Without naming them, I know some of them have achieved landmark status in their respective fields but, they are very genuine and humble at heart. Success always comes to the way of these people. On the other hand, I know celebrities who had a meteoric rise, got uprooted and fell to the ground very fast.

The bunch of awards that have come to you cements the commitment you have put into your work. Could you please tell us your recipe for success?

The most important thing is that I trust myself and, believe in Karam Yog. Karam Yog means action. So, I think that is my only recipe. Every morning when I wake up, I aim to become a better person than what I was yesterday. I make it a point to keep a mental note of things which I have to act.

Being a life coach, I feel these two aspects are interconnected. First of all, spirituality helps and allows you to love yourself and accept yourself the way you are and it gives you immense satisfaction. Once you like yourself, then you can recognize yourself as a better person. However, it will help to take decisions easily as you know your strengths and weaknesses. You know where you need to improve. Knowing yourself makes you committed to your work in a much better way rather than fighting a battle where you are unaware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Your profile is relatively elaborate. Life-coach, fashion professional, diet planner, NLP practitioner and much more – How correctly do you manage time among all these segments? Would you also like to tell us about your clients in all these various domains you are working?

Dr. NaavNidhi Wadhwa

In today’s world, packaging is equally important as products. Coming from the fashion industry and being a fashion designer, I love to help my clients to look good (packaging) besides helping them to improve themselves (product) spiritually. This helps them to transform them inside and out. Because if you are not content with yourself internally, no matter what you wear outside, it will look very superficial. So, to look useful to the world from the outside, you have to be spiritually beautiful from the inside.

Further, once a wise man said, “You are what you eat.” Hence as a diet planner, I can advise my clients on their dietary habits that will impact them mentally through influencing the product quality. Over the years, I learned that all these aspects are interconnected. Being a motivational speaker, I support and guide my clients when they feel too low to face the light. I think everyone should motivate their inner self like I do and face the world with confidence.

Be it a spiritual person, life coach, fashion designer or a diet planner; I have been able to balance each of these inputs very well successfully. And, this is what I deliver to all my clients to transform them as an overall package rather than working on just one aspect.

My clients range from businesspeople to celebs, to senior executives to homemakers. They all are already successful in their respective fields but still feel that something is missing in their life. I help them realize that missing ‘something’ through a multi-dimensional approach.

You have been working among children with special needs through your NGO Paankh. What do you think is the need of the hour on that arena?

I think the need of the hour is acceptance. We should accept everyone with whatever qualities they have or so-called abnormalities or special needs that anyone is born with. Everyone is a creation of God as they did not create themselves in this way. Acceptance and education are the two essential things what we require the most. Quite often, parents find it difficult to accept their child and blame their destiny for this and that is just not right. In case, if any child was born with any special need then, they are also born with special blessings to balance that out.

Every month, I meet and interact with special children, and I have noticed each one of them have the special ability to deal with the problem. It just needs some amount of time and patience to figure what skills they have hidden inside them. But trust me, once you find it, you will be amazed to know that these kids are way better in those aspects than other kids. It is just a matter of time and patience that one needs to search for this special skill.

Children with special needs are everywhere. Do you intend taking Paankh towards having a pan India presence?

Yes, of course, I do plan to take it to pan India, and globally as well, because special kids need a different kind of attention and care. My objective is to make them feel good about themselves first then, to help them to find their hidden talent and skills. I intend to work on two significant steps. First, is to help these kids find that special skills while second is to teach them how to use this special skill and achieve success in life.

Could you also tell us more about the various tasks you have been undertaking in multiple areas?

With Paankh, I aim to provide education and healthcare to special kids. Being a healer and a practitioner, I work for with them and, doing everything that I can to transform them. Also, besides Paankh, I work with lots of NGO, old age homes and NGOs which support girls who have been rescued from trafficking and lost their faith in the world. But, I hope I can rebuild this faith and make them secure.

Do you think the government has been doing much in the area of the welfare of children with special needs? What exactly is lacking on that front? And what are your views on that?

Yes, I think the government is doing its part in this area. We always think that only the government has the sole responsibility to do things for the country. But, we are wrong actually. Remember, a great nation is built only with the citizen’s contribution. So, being a responsible Indian citizen, I try to play my part and feel that everyone should play theirs.

I believe that education is one such thing that has the power of transforming oneself completely. In my opinion, Education is the most important aspect on which India needs to work. If we can impact this parameter then, we will start seeing the results very soon.

In a few years from now, where do you see yourself and your NGO standing?

Through my NGO and coaching, my single motive is to spread happiness and joy to every child associated with this. Well, I don’t want this to be restricted to India only. I want to take this to the international level in the coming years.

I see Paankh going international in the next few years. Even if we can transform lives in small pockets across the world, the entire country will take notice and drive this agenda ahead. If a state drives the list and shows useful results, then I hope the whole world will follow it as well. I am neither a faith healer nor a guru as I am merely a person who feels that internal transformation is what causes a complete change in an individual. And, my chosen path is just through spirituality and my dedication.

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