Maybe you are a bit sceptical. Or perhaps your opinion is influenced by someone else. As the saying goes, seeing is believing. Below we look at a few reasons why you need to experience a smart home. At least just once! We’ve also got an awesome infographic that details many reasons for owning a smart home.

What do the stats say?

According to, 32% of Americans already own smart home devices. Most people claim that it saves them 30 minutes per day. Add that up over a year and you’ll save over 180 hours. 76% of smart home devices are operated through smartphones. You probably already own a smartphone. Accessing your smart devices won’t be that hard.

In America, 81% of home buyers say they would rather buy a home with smart home products pre-installed instead of browsing and comparing different products themselves. These include products like smart lights and thermostats. Smart home products are trending in America for a reason. It is the latest developments in home automation and something you should experience at least once.

Why must you experience it?

Here are a couple of great reasons why you need to experience a smart home at least once:

  • It helps to save time, time you can use to be productive elsewhere.

  • It saves money.

  • It reduces your workload, you spend less effort on daily chores.

  • It can raise the security of your home.

Give It A Go!

Smart homes are designed with customers in mind. Its very existence is to make your life better. Before you make up your mind, try a smart home experience to know for sure if you would enjoy it.

Read this infographic to understand the hype about this trending technology. It might just convince you to buy your own smart home setup.

By Manoj

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