Kochi:  In a bid to explore the voluntary support of the 30 companies operating in its campus, SmartCity Kochi organised a meeting to help in the massive efforts towards the rehabilitation of  the affected and displaced population, after the devastating floods ravaged many parts of the state.

Ernakulam District Collector K Mohammed Y Safirulla met the CEOs, Business Heads of the companies and co-developers, along with SmartCity CEO Manoj Nair, and apprised them on the extent of the economic damage and requested them to join the mission of rebuilding the flood-hit areas and helping the affected people.

Besides contributing to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF), the companies can also partner with the District Administration in rehabilitating and helping people to bring their life back to normalcy, Safirulla suggested.

He pointed out that the magnitude of the calamity was so huge that thousands had been rendered homeless and rebuilding their homes and basic infrastructure needed generous support from all quarters. While support by way of contribution to the relief fund is one option, he urged corporates to also identify areas where they intend to support to help re-build homes and such other measures. To avoid duplication of efforts, he urged that the activities be coordinated with the District Administration.

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