Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Compared to the predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 would sport two batteries with a combined rated capacity of 3,300mAh

The moment you think foldable phone, the best one that comes to mind is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. It has been so every time you thought of an immensely reliable foldable smart phone.  The Flip 3 got so much love as it came across as immensely compact and had a big display, compared with the earlier iteration.

What stood out in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 were many other features too, and they included enhanced durability, IPX8 water resistance, and a cool price. However, the only flipside to the device was the way it managed its battery power. Battery life in the Flip 3 was way below one could expect.

It now looks like Samsung has addressed the issue in a more serious manner, and when the new successor to the Flip 3 arrives, we could well be glad that the maker has thrown in some extra juice into its device. Yes, we are talking of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 to sweep away battery complaints

Going by info on the latest Flip device from Samsung, we need to be sure that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will come with a bigger battery. The Galaxy Z Flip 4, sporting model number SM-F721, is expected to come with two batteries – one of them being a sub battery alongside the main one.

Though considered sub, this battery could be larger than the main batter and would most likely be of 2,400mAh. The main battery, on the other hand, would have a rated capacity of 903mAh. The two batteries would offer a combined rated capacity of 3,300mAh.  Large enough to celebrate, isn’t it?

The other aspects about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldable smart device are awaited.

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