Nokia 105 Plus sports MP3 player, auto call-recording and  memory card features

Nokia 105 and the new Nokia 105 Plushavemade their arrival after an upgrade. HMD Global, the make of Nokia devices, has made the two upgraded rigs available as a perfect fit for consumers looking for value for money devices that offer usability and entertainment.

The devices promise solid strength and style. The Nokia 105 features a solid, modern design that fits perfectly in the hand. The brand new feature of Wireless FM Radio is powered by a big and long-lasting battery life for never ending games and talk time. Nokia 105 Plus, in the meantime, has an MP3 Player, auto call-recording and memory card features, which may be seen as fascinating value addition in this category of handsets.

The feature-heavy entry-level Nokia 105 Plus’ key USPs are the long lasting battery life, innovative design and a strong body. MP3 player, Auto Call Recording and FM capability with optimum volume level adds significantly to the utility of the phone.

The 105 Plus comes with pre-loaded games, including the universally popular game Snake, which keeps one entertained for long hours. Another key feature of this device is the battery life which has a standby time of up to 18 days. There’s also enough storage for 2,000 contacts and up to 500 SMS to keep the important and special messages at your fingertips.

Nokia 105 Nokia 105 Plus (1)

Nokia 105, Nokia 105 Plus: Cool features galore

The 105 comes with a solid, modern design that fits perfectly in your hand, while the inherent colour minimizes the visibility of scratches. The wireless FM radio is another welcome addition.

The 105 Plus adds more value, connectivity, and quality, with the Wireless FM radio. The phone packs in a larger 1000 mAH battery, a dedicated SD card slot, an MP3 music player and auto call recording. Nokia 105 Plus’ new ergonomic, modern avatar and compact shape is specially moulded to feel great in the hand and easily slip into your pocket. The scratch and bump resistant exterior is built to last even longer.

Pricing and availability

The Nokia 105 is available in India in Charcoal and Blue colour variants, for a price of Rs 1299 onwards. Meanwhile, the 105 Plus comes in Charcoal and Red colour variants, for Rs 1399 onwards. Pick yours at leading offline retail stores, e-commerce platforms, and

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