IP-COM, a global manufacturer and supplier of enterprises networking products and commercial networking solution has unveiled its new EW9, a wire-free mesh solution. With advanced True Enterprise Mesh technology and innovative built-in antennas design, enterprise users can manage the devices according to the application area with combined of multiple EW9 to form an enterprise Mesh network. It has been specially designed for offices, hotels, restaurants, and other applications.

EW9 supports router mode, Bridge (AP) mode and Mesh mode(master-slave), which can meet the requirements of a small project with Mesh network, or partial Mesh network for large projects. The device adopts full gigabit network interface design with support for dual WAN. It integrates various enterprise functions such as intelligent bandwidth control, Link aggregation, Load balancing and Captive portal functionality manage by APP with  WEB authentication, SMS authentication, Email authentication, and one key authentication and it supports Port forwarding/IPSec VPN and security setting like DDoS Defence, IP Attack Defence, Block WAN Ping and can be applied to a variety of application scenarios.

The IP-COM EW9 Dual band 1200Mbps Mesh Wi-Fi plug-and-play devices, self-discovering, self-configuring and self-networking. The use of 802.11 ac Wave 2 MU (MIMO) technology gives you a faster Internet experience and strongly improves the capacity. IP-COM Mesh Wi-Fi products use innovative signal design, built-in antennas combined with beamforming technology; focus the signal on the user’s location, greatly improving the quality of the wireless coverage with two wall penetration.

The Mesh network supports seamless roaming; when wireless users roam among multiple nodes the system can maintain the user`s IP address information and keep the certification status with users not noting the hop from node A to node B. IP-COM mesh products support APP cloud management, the management, and maintenance of devices can be realized through the mobile APP. By using IP-COM cloud account login, the APP can be managed and maintained remotely. With the intelligent bandwidth management technology (QoS), the device will adjust the bandwidth intelligently according to the utilization rate of the bandwidth and the network application.

All gigabit network port design provides 2 WAN\LAN turntable ports and 2 fixed LAN ports, it can flexibly match the number of network ports according to the actual network demand and meet the actual application network demand. In dual WAN network, WAN port bandwidth will be automatically superimposed and load balanced. Built-in multiple authentication management systems, authentication based on Portal, can completely solve the problem of traditional wireless password can share through WhatsApp or WeChat, etc.

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