Kerala-based Inntot Technologies, supported by the Venture Capitalist Unicorn India Ventures (UIV) and Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), has concluded an agreement with Telechips Inc for DRM Receiver solution for Indian cars.

Telechips Inc is a leading fabless semiconductor company in Automotive Infotainment and Consumer Electronics segments to support multiple Automotive Tier-1 companies.

The time-up assumes significance as it comes when the demand for digital radio is on a sharp increase the world over.

The digital television revolution, with its far-reaching advantages, started in the late 90s and spanned into 2000s, marking the sunset of analog television. Similarly, it is the time for digital radio to achieve the same feat. Inntot is all set to facilitate the transition of analog radio to digital radio by providing cost effective solutions for Digital Radio Receivers.

Inntot has realized its Digital Radio Receiver solution using the Software Defined Radio (SDR) concept in addition to two patent applications pending with US Patent Office.

Inntot’s digital radio receiver software could be embedded directly to the fixed receivers, automotive/in-car radios, smartphones, as well as USB dongles.

Inntot Technologies was started in February 2014 by Rajith Nair and Prasanth Thankappan with the aim of revolutionising the way radio content is consumed in India. Since then, Inntot has bagged several industry recognitions including the Best Service Startup Industrial Innovation Awards of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) 2017.

Inntot is focused on India as the prime market, considering the huge volume of smartphone and automobile users in the country. Inntot’s customer portfolio includes chip-makers (SoC Makers), ODMs, and OEMs from South Korea, Japan, the US, Europe etc. Russia and South Africa could be potential market geographies for Inntot, followed by the potential announcement of digital radio transition by countries like Brazil, Indonesia and Nigeria.

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