Hughes Global Education India, a platform for onsite learning, has entered into a partnership with All India Management Association [AIMA], with the aim of enhancing the skills and aptitude of management students through professional courses in Data Analysis and Digital Marketing.

The new set of Direct to Institute [DTI] courses will be the first to be delivered over the Hughes Interactive Onsite Learning (IOL) platform. DTI learning provides Institutes an opportunity to identify and create a customized learning environment for imparting specific skills to the students. With this new initiative, pre-final and final year students will learn professional skills in Data Analysis and Digital Marketing by attending live online classes remotely from the Institute.

The programs, divided into structured modules, will further help students understand the fundamentals of the course, advanced applications, innovative new strategies, and business models to thrive in the digital era. Placement assistance and internships will be extended to deserving candidates on course completion.

Prof Raj Agrawal, Director, Center for Management Education, AIMA, stated that “AIMA’s objective is to help students gain access to quality management education and refine their skills. Keeping with the industry demands, we are excited to integrate newer course design and curriculum that caters to the real-time and emerging industry requirements. With Direct to Institute learning, this partnership will help students hone their managerial skills early in their career journey through a unique blend of quality and flexibility”.

Anurag Bansal, Senior Director, Hughes Global Education said, “We are delighted to partner with AIMA for improving the job preparedness of our future workforce. In a growing digital world, the industry is increasingly looking for agile young professionals who are equipped with the professional skills to tackle the challenges ahead”.

Today, Data Analytics and Digital Marketing are used widely across healthcare, education, IT government, retail, e-commerce, media, manufacturing, and the service industry. We are confident that these programs will provide an edge to under-graduate students for promising job opportunities,” he added.

Prepared to meet the industry requirements, AIMA has integrated programs in Data Science and Digital Marketing, providing students with the opportunity to gain access to professional  skills and specialized courses. Both the courses will provide practical knowledge and expose students to real-world case studies to prepare them with the right skills required.

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