Kochi: As an industry consistently at the forefront of technical and technological advances, and some of the most exciting plans for the future, including hyperloops, driverless cars and flying taxis, travel and transportation will be in focus at the upcoming #FUTURE Global Digital Summit on March 22-23, with discussions on how businesses can keep up amid ever rising consumer expectations and disruptive innovation.

The first of the six panel discussions scheduled over the two days of the summit at Hotel Le Meridien is on “The Future of Travel & Transportation” where planners, policymakers and experts will share their insights into where the industry is headed in 5-10 years’ time, the rapid changes being wrought by technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and ideas for enterprises to leverage these efficiently.

The panellists are Kamal Bali, Managing Director, Volvo India, Natesh Manikoth, Chief Data Officer, US Federal Aviation Authority; Christoph Mueller, Chief Digital Officer, Emirates Group; Antony Satyadas,  CEO & Managing Partner, Innovation Incubator Inc, and Dr. Roland Schütz, Group CIO, Lufthansa Group. Journalist and anchor Swati Khadelwal will moderate.

The session will throw light on how digitization in the travel industry has brought the customer firmly into focus; their expectations of engagement and service that are now on a par with other highly digitized industries such as e-commerce & media; the personalization being achieved through AI; and the use of technology to analyse vast quantities of data for improved operational efficiency and reduced costs for end-consumer.

It will also provide a glimpse into advances in self-driving technology, electric vehicles and energy storage that are transforming the way people commute in towns and cities, and how businesses can keep ahead of the game by planning for these changes.

“Towards a Digital Future” is the theme of the summit organized by the Government of Kerala primarily to gather inputs for a digital roadmap that will drive policy and action; and as such it is bringing together a range of stakeholders including corporate executives, start-up ventures, potential and existing entrepreneurs, trade body representatives, investors, technocrats, government officials, professionals, academicians, students and private individuals.

Other subjects that will be discussed include the digital futures of Education and Skills; Health and Sustainability and Banking Finance and Retail, as well as Technology Disruption and Inclusion.

By Manoj

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