Kochi: The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has initiated a purchase order of Advanced Spray Coater developed by Delgado Coating and Technology Solutions, incubated at Maker Village here.

The purchase order was handed over by Dr Ajay Kumar, secretary, Defence Production, to Delgado CEO R Sree Kumar at the National Deeptech Conclave ‘Hardtech ‘19’, organised by Maker Village at Technology Innovation Zone, Kalamassery.

This technology is used in solar cells as transparent electrode, touch-screen devices (mobiles), flat panel displays, OLEDs, energy saving smart windows, nanocoating and bio-medical coatings over needles and surgical stents. This Advanced Spray Coater can slash the production cost by 30 per cent compared to the present technology used by other countries.

Sree Kumar said that the product was manufactured after incubating at Maker Village. The idea of the product was developed while doing his postdoctoral research and it was manufactured within the first year of reaching Maker Village, he said.

Dr Ajay Kumar also launched the improved and upgraded robotic arm developed by Sastra Robotics. The product is 100% safe to work in human environment and helps to reduce the burden of human works. The functioning of the product is just like the functioning of human fingers.

Sastra CEO Aronin P said that this robotic is three times more powerful than the presently available product. The life span is also four times greater and the maintenance can be conducted at a lower cost, he added.

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