Mumbai: Clinivantage Healthcare Technologies, a leading player providing global connected healthcare ecosystem facilitated through their flagship PaaS (Platform as a Service) across IoA (Internet of Applications) products and DoT (Doctor of Things) connected IoT medical devices, announced that it has raised US $ 1 million from US based investor group Metaform Ventures LLC led by Director, co-founder Nilesh Jain.

Metaform Ventures LLC, USA has invested in other leading startups in India like Picostone, Hey Deedee, Actofit, Agilebots, Log9 Materials, Fitterfly, Exofit Sports amongst other start-ups and Z Nation Lab accelerator.

Clinivantage is an integrated digital platform that connects doctors, hospitals, caregivers and service providers with the patient in real time and puts patients in control of their health; bringing speed, simplicity, transparency and efficiancy to patient care.

According to Nilesh Jain, “Clinivantage has been doing some prolific work and will redefine medical practice to improve the existing healthcare delivery system with integrated use of technology. Clinivantage, on its platform, has registered over 5000+ outpatient practices, 1000+ secondary & tertiary hospitals, 3000+ allied services providers and 6.5+ Million consumers.”

Various Hospitals, Doctors and Clinics have launched Clinivantage MyLife, a consumer health application. A combination of 40+ primary, secondary & tertiary healthcare providers are deploying Clinivantage Pro.Care, PMS & OTIMS-Surgery Safety Solutions to improve patient care; and further 50+ healthcare providers are deploying Clinivantage MyLifeTM to increase patient engagement.

Currently, MyLife platform holds 10+ Million records; enabling access to personal health record, prescriptions and mobile tele-medicine withtheir preferred doctors.

Dr. Abhay Chopada, a renowned surgeon, Co-founder and Director, Clinivantage said: “We have a comprehensive and collaborative healthcare platform for providers and consumers with scalable tools to manage and improve administrative, operational, clinical and personal health management services with use of latest technology and connected medical devices”.

“These funds will be utilized for scale and expansion across the globe, product development, deployment of resources for implementation and for travel and administration,” added Dinesh Samudra, CEO Clinivantage.

Clinivantage, with offices in the US, the UK, and Asia has marked its footprints in the UK, Europe, and MENA region, rest of the Africa, Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

Clinivantage has been receiving tremendous accolades from the top notch players in the healthcare space for its exclusive efforts in the direction of real time connected healthcare. Clinivantage is pioneering remote and proactive health and wellness management through DoT devices, which is enabling people from remote areas to be a part of the connected healthcare ecosystem. Such efforts have driven Clinivantage to win over distinguished partnerships like IBM, Edifecs, Hitachi, SD Global and SAH Global.

Metaform Ventures along with its accelerator Z Nation Lab finds, funds, fast tracks the best founders to grow in the areas of IoT, Healthtech, Artifical intelligence and machine learning.

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