Hyundai Mobis Launches #Pledgeforanticounterfeit, a Big Push to Fight Against Counterfeit on Anti-Counterfeit Day on June 8, 2023

Mobis India, a well-established entity in manufacturing high quality automotive parts, accessories and mobility solutions for Hyundai Motors in India has launched a weeklong campaign – #Pledgeforanticounterfeit on Anti-Counterfeit Day on June 8, 2023, to promote the use of genuine parts. This initiative is an alarming call for car owners, users, manufacturers, and stakeholders to avoid the use of nongenuine parts, which pose a huge threat to customer safety.

Hyundai Mobis launches #Pledgeforanticounterfeit campaign on Anti-Counterfeit Day on June 8, 2023

Speaking on the occasion of Anti-Counterfeit Day, Mr. Yong Goon Park, Managing Director, Mobis India – AS Parts Division remarked, “Despite a paradigm shift in the automobile industry, we are confronted with an unfortunate reality of the escalating manufacturing and marketing of counterfeit automotive parts. This concerning trend carries numerous disadvantages, passenger safety being the foremost concern. Recent reports also indicate that it is even dangerous to gauge the impact of using non-genuine parts as these never comply with the stringent criteria of standard genuine manufacturing processes and hamper the brand credibility drastically.”

Mr. Yong Goon Park, Managing Director, Mobis India – AS Parts Division

Detailing the new campaign on Anti-Counterfeit Day, Mr. Park elaborated, “This year the objective of our Digital campaign is to engage and educate everyone at different levels effectively. Mobis India invests heavily in its plant and takes stringent measures to ensure safety, durability, and reliability in product development in line with our global and Indian quality standards.

Through this initiative, we are posting interactive static and video content on our social media handles and updating our digital assets with relevant awareness content.

On the trade front, we are engaging Dealers and Distributors and have circulated anti-counterfeit backdrops to be used in the aftermarket for effective awareness of the customer. We are indeed proud to enjoy a huge presence of over 500+ Dealerships, 40+ Distributorship and over 3000+ Retailer outlets across India where we have always delivered products with high quality and assured genuineness,Mr. Park concluded.

About Mobis India

Mobis India supplies After-sales Parts and accessories, through a network of its own Parts Distribution Centres (PDCs) operating in various Metropolitan cities and Hyundai Authorized Dealers/Mobis Authorized Distributors spread across the length and breadth of India.

Mobis India’s presence is not just limited to domestic market but is spread across the overseas market as well. It exports After-sales Parts and accessories through its wide network of Overseas Distributors.

MOBIS India’s strength in the After-Sales Parts business lies in the strong bond between its fully integrated (forward & backward) supply chain solutions, vendor base, Pan-India Dealers & Distributors Network and its end customers. With its global expertise, MOBIS has upgraded the Dealers & Distributors network to a highly efficient and sustainable B2B network, with the aim to provide World-class Service quality to the Hyundai Customers.

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