Blend It Raw Partners with Farmers of Uttarakhand to Source & Produce ‘Pure & Premium Quality Rosemary Range of Products’

Blend It Raw, a one-stop pure ingredients natural self-care brand has announced its partnership with the farmers of Uttarakhand to provide the purest unrefined best quality of Rosemary range of products to its consumers. The products are harvested, sourced & produced directly from small farmers of Yamunotri district of upper Uttarakhand, India.

Pure & Premium Quality Rosemary range of products

The collaboration between Blend It Raw, and farmers ensures that customers receive pure & exceptional quality products, embodying the concept of farm to face/ farm to beauty. True to its brand DNA, Blend It Raw adheres to stringent sourcing standards & guarantees that the products are cultivated without the use of pesticides, preserving its natural goodness and therapeutic properties.

In addition to this, the company is committed to the upliftment of the farming community by providing fair prices and supplemental income to the farmers, making a positive impact on their lives.

Promising natural goodness, the Rosemary range of products have been created to provide a DIY skin and hair care routine that is healing and rejuvenating. The range consists of four different products in their pristine form: Rosemary Leaves, Rosemary Essential Oil, Rosemary Tea and Rosemary Hydrosol.

Rosemary Leaves: Grown, harvested, and shade dried by a group of women using manure in a small village near Yamunotri. Premium-quality Rosemary Leaves are perfect for promoting healthy hair growth. They stimulate and improve circulation to the scalp, gently cleanse, add shine to hair, and provide relief for irritated, dry, flaky, and dandruff-prone scalps.

Rosemary Essential Oil: Steam distilled using fresh rosemary in Uttarakhand, premium-quality Rosemary Essential Oil strengthens hair and improves scalp health. Its invigorating scent not only enhances relaxation but also promotes mental clarity, making it a popular choice for aromatherapy.

Rosemary Hair Oil: Made by infusing rosemary leaves in oil for over 4 weeks and blended with dermal safe limits of rosemary essential oil, this rosemary oil is one of the best for hair growth. The natural infusion and goodness of essential oil adds to the increased potency of this hair-growth remedy.

Rosemary Hydrosol: The steam-distilled Rosemary Hydrosol is a gentle scalp mist that nourishes the scalp every day, promoting healthy hair growth. Incorporating this natural product into the skin and hair care routine provides a calming effect, soothes irritations, blemishes, bumps, and roughness on the skin, and offers relief from various skin irritations.

Commenting on the new range of products, Aarushi Singhal, founder of Blend It Raw, said, “Blend It Raw began with the goal of unearthing the true wellness of nature to aid self-care DIY routines. Our new Rosemary line of products exemplifies the extraordinary benefits of this herb for optimal skin health and hair growth while giving us the satisfaction of supporting the lives and craft of the farmers.”

Blend It Raw Apothecary is a natural ingredients store that offers pure, safe, and effective DIY beauty and wellness solutions. Blend It Raw is on a mission to empower customers in their self-care journeys with top-quality natural ingredients. Aarushi Singhal, a certified formulator and aroma-therapist, is the founder of ‘Blend It Raw‘. The brand was launched in 2017 with the goal of becoming Indias leading zero-waste store, promoting natural beauty, DIYs, herbalism, and aromatherapy.

Blend It Raw continues to uphold its core values of packaging ingredients in their most natural state with a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing.

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