Strava Strives Big Time to Aid Rescue Ops in Flood-Hit Kerala; Wins Applause

Thiruvananthapuram: A geo-spatial technology solution with built-in drone mapping and location intelligence, developed by Kerala-based start-up Strava Technologies, has helped save many lives during the devastating floods in Kerala by providing critical support to the massive real time rescue operations undertaken by the Defence teams and state agencies.

Mentored by the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), the solution developed by Strava Technologies provided vital intelligence to the Army, Navy, Air Force, National Disaster Response Force and Coast Guard in carrying out the rescue operations in areas ravaged by the worst-ever floods in the state.

According to officials at the Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA), the Geo Spatial Division of the startup offered immense help in the functioning of the Emergency Control Centre by consolidating distress calls, social media and WhatsApp SoS and other inputs from all parts of the state, thereby providing the final intelligence data to the forces.

“We added our Spatial Big Data Analytic platform “CyberMonkey” – a Geospatial Intelligence System– to compile all the location data. This solution provided error and duplication free location data of people, who need emergency assistance. The real time Geo Visualization feature of the platform supported the entire team to visually analyze and to plan the rescue mission from the State Emergency Operation Control (SEOC) room,” said an official of the startup.

Officials of the State IT Mission, KSDMA, SEOC and the Secretariat IT Cell had worked along with the teams of Defence and Strava Technologies to sort out all data from social media, e-mails and WhatsApp groups of officials including District Collectors, Deputy Collectors and personnel of other departments.

“Location is very crucial in the rescue operation as each life is precious for us. We really appreciate the work done by Strava Technologies in the rescue operation. Cyber Monkey helped us achieve our goal on time, and thus saved many lives,” said Mr. Sanooj, Commander, Indian Navy. Vairav, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF); and Kavitha, Major, Indian Army also lauded the services of the startup.

Commenting on their contribution, Jancy Jose, Managing Director, Strava Technologies, said “Most of my team members had worked tirelessly, at least 18 hours daily, under higher officers, who are handling the disaster from the State Control Centre.”

“As an entrepreneur from Kerala, this is a proud moment for me and my team. Now we are working in supporting our state in the third phase of rehabilitation by providing our drone-based solutions to analyse the intensity of flood affected areas in various parts of Kerala,” she added.

KSUM is the nodal agency of Government of Kerala for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities in the state.

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