Music as a Subject of the Soul

ENZY School of Music & Technology, a Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Group entity, which started its first batch on July 20, offers courses in music production and sound engineering, vocal training, guitar classes, keyboard classes and tabla classes. With a unique approach to teaching where faculty teaches and train students in a real-life recording studio environment, ENZY’s concept of training has been specially developed to help students better understand and internalize each subject through hands-on experience, Nisschal Zaveri, Founder, ENZY School of Music & Technology, tells Sanjeev Ramachandran in an email interview.

Is ENZY School of Music & Technology the century-old TBZ group’s foray into the traditional music education terrain? Or does it come with new age add ons? What all does the school offer?

ENZY School of Music and Technology is a first of its kind music school which provides its’ students a real working and professional environment. ENZY School aims to show a path to the students who crave to stand on the top in their field, lead and shine bright. The focus is to practically involve each and every student so that they become confident working in any studio environment without hesitation. We offer technical courses in Sound Engineering & Music Production (SEMP) as well as musicianship courses in Hindustani Vocals, Indian Rhythm/ Tabla, Keyboard, Guitars. Several master classes and seminars are also available; these include short workshops on specific modules like mixing, voice culture techniques, etc. The classes are held at ENZY Studios which is the premier music production and recording studio in India. The students will get to utilize and experience the state of the art facility and top of the line equipment.

Music as a Subject of the Soul

The ENZY School of Music & Technology website talks about a ‘No Classroom Concept’. Could you please elaborate on that?

As I mentioned, the classes are held at ENZY Studios which is one of the biggest music recording and production studios in India covering an area over 5600 sq ft. Typical style of learning and sitting down in a classroom is not valid for ENZY School. Students will use the same rooms and equipment’s that artists and musicians from all around the country come and use. These artists include people like A RRahman, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Vishal Dadlani, Reseal Pukutty, Gulzar, Sachin Jigar to name a few (the list goes on and on).

Most students who take up technical courses are extremely aware theoretically but when they are put in a real life situation, they get confused and overwhelmed by all the equipment and hardwares available. Our aim is to prepare them in a way that they are used to state of the art equipment from day 1 and by the time they finish their course, they will be prepared for any studio and situation. Our faculty members are not just lecturers who make students mug things up, but award winning professionals who are working in the industry actively.

As a music producer, composer and artist, is this a venture of yours aimed at promoting Indian music? Or do you have western and music from other parts of the world and cultures involved while offering classes?

Music as a Subject of the Soul
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We want to build a strong foundation for all our students; this includes basics of Indian music as well as basics of Western music. The SEMP course includes Music Theory as well which will help the students to communicate with musicians in the language understood by most professional musicians. Another interesting subject that has been added to the curriculum is Styles and Genres where we discuss and study different genres from Bollywood to world genres such as reggae to older genres like ghazal and jazz.

Today, great sound engineers and music producers should have a broad knowledge of all kinds of music and musicianship. Gone are the days when the only job of a recording engineer was to record. The roles of the musicians and technicians have spilled over each other and one needs to be aware of all the different aspects involved in a musical production. I truly believe that music has no boundaries and to be a master of the subject one must embrace all the other aspects and styles of music, including our own Indian music.

From what I understand, ENZY School of Music & Technology is a part of ENZY Studios, which according to you, is India’s foremost state of the art music studio equipped with the latest technology in Asia. Would you like to elaborate more on that?

ENZY Studios has been the premier most sound hub for musicians and artists to connect and create music. ENZY Studios caters to musicians not only from India but also around the world. We have hosted over 750 artists from around the globe who have utilized the space for producing, creating and recording their music. ENZY Studios has consecutively won the Studio of the year award and Best Equipped Recording Studio at one of the most prestigious awards; Indian Recording Arts Awards (IRAA).

ENZY has also been a part of several national award winning films and productions and has mixed a Grammy award winning album as well. Some of our clients included; Oscar winner A R Rahman, Oscar winner Gulzar, Oscar winner Reseal Pukutty, Grammy winner Ricky Kej, Grammy winner Pt. Vikku Vinayakram Grammy winner P A Deepak, Grammy Winner Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt, International drummer Chris Adler, top composers of India, Ajay Atul, Anu Malik, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Sachin Jigar, Amit Trivedi, Pritam Chakraborty, many more. Top singers, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Ustad Rashid Khan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Neeti Mohan, Tochi Raina, Rekha Bharadwaj etc etc. ENZY Studios has been involved in several films Hindi and regional like Sanju, Gold, Dangal, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Raees, etc etc.

Music as a Subject of the Soul

Providing the best to music producers, artists, composers and ad filmmakers with the best environment and technology to unleash their musical potential is among your aims. Would you be spearheading a sort of musical revolution when it comes to the current musical experiments that Indian cinema is churning out? What would be your plans on that front?

ENZY Studios was conceptualized with a vision to provide the best atmosphere and ambience along with high tech equipment to the music industry of India. We have been focused on providing the best to our clients and every member of the ENZY Studios Team delivers their 100%. As a composer myself I always try to give something unique to the audience sonically but always true to my heart and my sensibilities. I wouldn’t call it a revolution but I always try to work with utmost dedication, passion and honesty. This always has worked for me and I hope will continue to do so.

For a student who nurses an ambition of making music a career, what does ENZY School of Music & Technology offer? Also how does you admission process work?

Career opportunities for musicians and artists are endless. Every person who has a will to learn and work hard will surely find a way in the industry and in return the industry will welcome them with open arms. Some of the possible opportunities are:

Sound Recordist, Music Arranger, Sound Fx and Designer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Music Marketing Head, Licensing and publishing, Music business and media, Radio and Ad producer, Music coordinator, Music social marketing, Sound editor, Programming and content creation, Music and film, Film composer, Music composer, singer/ songwriter, Music teacher, Music supervisor, Talent recruiter, Musician  – the  possibilities are endless.

Admission forms are available and can be sent through our website. Or students can contact us at 022 4286 3688, 8879685369/ [email protected] to arrange a time for them to come to ENZY Studios, take a tour and fill out a form in person.

Music as a Subject of the Soul

Independent music and musicians have been making their presence felt in the Hindi as well as non-Hindi arena. As a technology driven entity, what do you have to offer for those musicians who dream of making it big on an international stage?

We are technology driven but music is a subject of the soul. As long as one is true to the art form everything else becomes secondary. We have hosted several international artists from around the world including Germany, France, Sweden, USA, Middle East, etc. The language of music is universal, what the students will learn at ENZY School of Music & Technology, is applicable for all musicians and students around the world. We are teaching them software’s that are internationally accepted and preparing them for local as well as international stage.

How do you pick your faculty? How would you rate your current lineup of music teachers?

Our faculty is a part of our ENZY Studios team. The very people who have played a big part in bringing ENZY Studios to the top are going to be sharing their experiences and knowledge to our students. This includes Award winning engineer Julian Mascarenhas who has worked in the music industry for over 20 years and Pt VP Mishra who has an experience again of over 20 years. Our other teaching faculty includes some brilliant young minds who are currently actively working in the industry. This future generation of music producers has a clear vision with futuristic ideas that will prove to be a guiding star for our students.

Music as a Subject of the Soul

Of course, we also have master classes regularly for which we bring in well-known faces and inspiring masters who will be sharing their stories and experiences with our students. I am highly confident in my teaching staff and the students will get an opportunity to walk right in the thick of things. Experience matched with state of the art space is pure gold and a golden opportunity for students to grab.

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