Metropolis Healthcare Fight Fever Campaign to Offer Round-the-Clock Service to Patients

Kochi: As the monsoon seems to intensify in different parts of the country, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd has launched a patient care initiative christened Fever Fighters Campaign, which is a 24X7 service for the benefit of the patients. Patients can avail this facility by ordering home visits for their testing requirement at any time in the day or night.

Metropolis will deliver pathology reports within 6 hours of sample collection. Furthermore, packages are subsidized and tests have been combined to give a holistic report to ensure that patients are able to begin their treatment in time.

The monsoon season is the time to watch out for various infectious diseases due to unhygienic conditions all around us. Unrelenting rains bring along a host of water-borne diseases. Early diagnosis and treatment is important to protect your loved ones against complications arising from the most common monsoon diseases. Often symptoms of these diseases can be confusing and hence it is important to accurately diagnose the cause of the underlying condition.

In 2017, between August 1 and 15th the BMC reported 558 cases of Malaria and over 49 cases of Dengue. The report submitted by the civic health department stated that 21 cases of dengue, 5 cases of leptospirosis, 356 cases of Malaria, 94 cases of hepatitis and 779 gastroenteritis were reported in civic hospitals in June 2018.

According to Dr Nilesh Shah, Group President, Metropolis Healthcare , “We urge the citizens to take preventive measures to avoid monsoon diseases. Drinking clean water, keeping the surroundings clean and consuming freshly made hot food can greatly reduce the risk of infections. Consult your doctor immediately on first signs of fever and illness to start your treatment immediately. Moreover always choose an authorised / accredited laboratory for your testing needs as it is utmost important to have accurate reports for effective treatment.”

The goal of safety awareness during the monsoon is to reduce the number of disease, injuries, damage and deaths caused by weather related hazards. Through education and proper precautionary measures, lives can be saved and damages can be minimised.

By Manoj

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