New Delhi: Nobel Peace Prize laureate Kailash Satyarthi’s book, “Every Child Matters” published under the publication house of Prabhat Prakashan, was released today at the Constitution Club of India, by Justice Ranjan Gogoi. The book is a compilation of columns and interviews which highlight the continuing struggle to create safe childhoods. Readers will find much to introspect after going through this collection.

According to Satyarthi, “Every child matters and every word matters, if we want to live with truth, justice, righteousness and peace. But today children are forced to lose their childhood and words are made shallow, due to the lack of humanity and compassion. I always try to use words which can ignite a spark of hope in the darkness of fear. I write when I am desperate to connect minds and souls for our children. My articles are the expression of urgency for action and they are reflections of my struggle. After the book launch the famous journalist Shekar Gupta had a talk with Kailash Satyarthi on the composition of the book.

Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Judge, Supreme Court of India added: “This book has thrown a very important question. Does every child matter? The answer is yes. It’s no secret that the justice delivery system is begging for a complete overhaul. Assuming today is the day of judgement, I don’t think we can wait. The sooner we realize that societal and political will are what it takes to eradicate child abuse, the sooner our children will be free.”

By Manoj

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