C0c0n, India’s longest running conference in the area of information security and hacking, organised every year by ISRA POLYCE, with the support of Kerala Police, IT Mission, ISACA, and G Tec, witnessed the coming together of senior police officers, and experts in cyber security from across the world. The 12th edition of C0c0n was formally kicked off in Kochi on Friday.

“As the name suggests, the main mission of C0c0n is to build a protection around digital space,” said Manoj Abraham, ADGP, in his welcome speech. He elaborated on DarkNet, the underworld in cyberspace, where cyber crimes originate.

The main motto of C0c0n for the current year is Child-Women Security and Drones. Kerala State Police Chief Loknath Behra, in his inaugural address, opined that people expect cyberspace to be safe, while actually it is not.  Pointing out that with a population of around 14 crore, India stands 4th in occupying cyber space, he said we need to think and innovate in this digital world.  Senior police officers from Kerala, and experts in cyber security from across the world spoke on a variety of threats originating in cyber space, and ways to thwart them .

Speaking at the conference, Dr.Roshy John, Global Head of Robotics and Cognitive Systems Groups, TCS, said:  ”Artificial intelligence can be used to crack down the dark net. To trap DarkNet, Artificial Intelligence can do something more”.

Sexual abuse against children, frauds, gambling, black money transactions, bitcoin transactions, human trafficking, and a variety of cyber crimes are spreading across cyberspace in just a matter of seconds. These crimes cannot be tracked using human analysis alone, but can be easily sketched and reduced through the use of AI, he said.

Data from government websites and various financial institutions’ websites have been spilling over to the DarkNet. Info on stolen credit cards is even available in the underworld of cyberspace for purchase. It is hard to trace the location of the cyber criminals who run their illegal businesses in Darknet, and this has been posing a challenge to cyber investigation sleuths, he said. Dr. Roshy Jhn stated that Artificial Intelligence can help cyber sleuths track down such illegitimate anonymous IDs and user details.

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