Astrology Deciphers What’s in Store for You; You Need to Work Towards Achieving Them

Samarpit Kanwatia, acclaimed Mumbai-based celebrity astrologer, tells BLive in an interview.

From businessman to celebrity astrologer. How would you like to elaborate on the shift?

If you ask me it is not a big shift, as multi-tasking is very common with people. One can be a person of multiple interests. In fact if you ask me, I always suggest this to people “kaam hamesha do karo, ek tan ke liye ek man ke liye”. I personally love doing multiple things and this is not difficult for me at all. If somebody is well planned then he/she can do so much in one life.

How would you explain astrology to a layman who comes to you seeking advice / help?

When a client who does not follow astrology much comes to me with an intention to have his life sorted and get rid of all his problems, my only perspective is to guide him well with a lot of logic and educate him well so that he feels very comfortable with me. One has to understand that a client is a human being too, and is a helpless person at that time (some are badly broken too) because of his time. The only way to help a person is to explain him the synthesis of this beautiful craft in a rightful and dutiful manner.

With clients from across India and in different parts of the world coming to you, would you try and elaborate on the various types of advice varied people seek?

Oh, there are many kinds of problems that clients come and discuss with me. Different People Different Issues. I try to resolve their issues in the best of my capability and capacity. I know that when someone is coming to me, there could be certain circumstances that they are individually bound with. Keeping that in mind, I see to it that they are guided right and guided well, to their satisfaction. But, all in all, there is one common thread to all – all are seeking peace and happiness.

What are the factors, according to you, that make a good astrologer?

The only factor to be a good astrologer is to be truthful to your client. Astrologers are not gods and they cannot change destinies. They can only decipher destinies so one should not resort to shortcuts, and provide wrong readings to the client. Being honest can depress / demotivate the client initially but he will respect you in the long run. Also, suggestion of right remedies is a must. Never fleece or overcharge your client. See to his benefit, and he will see to yours.

Laurels such as Astro-Vastu Excellence National Award, ET-Business Icon Award 2019 etc. have come to you. Could you tell us in detail about being known as a successful celebrity astrologer?

Laurels, awards and adulation have come as a blessing to me from the almighty above who is simply very kind and gracious giver to one and all. I have worked hard in my life and I can say this most humbly and truthfully. There are moments I still cannot believe that I have been bestowed by all this love and respect. I am just too thankful to God, my family, elders in the family, well-wishers and to all those who stood by me in my journey of 22 years and beyond. All I can say is that “I am destiny’s favourite child.”

Astrology Deciphers What’s in Store for You; You Need to Work Towards Achieving Them

You are known to mix Astrology, Numerology, and Vastu when it comes to providing guidance to your clients. Are these three basically one and the same, or are they totally different streams?

Astrology, Vastu and Numerology are different forms of occult science and they are very different from each other. Their grammar and application both are very different but somewhere they align well with each other to give an wholesome result to the client. Place energy (Vastu) Name energy (Numerology) and Life energy (Astrology), if combined well and in the right way, the client gets enhanced results.

If you look at today’s world, we see a lot of people who look forward to knowing their future without even working towards a better life. How would you want to advice such clients?

If I put it in simple terms “KARMA HAS NO SUBSTITUTE”. Knowing astrology and following the same is one thing, but there is no substitute to hard work and the right efforts. Astrology only deciphers what is in store for one person, but you will have to work towards achieving them. One should take astrology and its guidance as a guide path only and nothing more. Here is a chance for everyone to understand that our rich culture and heritage has blessed us with a boon – astrology, avail its benefits and do not be a handicap to it. Miracles don’t happen …we create miracles for ourselves.

What would you like to tell the people who are staunch followers of astrology in India?

Like I said earlier, astrology is a wonderful Vedic science. So for all the people who follow astrology religiously and believe in it, remember that nobody can change your destiny. A good astrologer can and will only decipher your kundli right and will guide you accordingly. Never be scared of this beautiful science and always apply your logic beyond what your astrologer has told you. Don’t follow and believe him / her blindly. Invest wisely on what he says, and only when you are convinced 110%. “Apni Suraksha Apne Haath”.

Watch the video of the interview here

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